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To prepare for our next meeting, we would like to share interesting facts with you and show you behind the scenes of the energy world. We hope that this material will introduce us – as energy heroes, our work has an impact.

Our DNA and uniqueness

  • More than 80 years of experience in Estonia
  • One of the most known brands in Estonia
  • One of the biggest employers in Estonia – over 5200 energy heroes
  • Five markets - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland
  • Leaders in energy innovation in the Baltic Sea region
  • Creator of complete energy solutions for the customer
  • A leading developer and producer of renewable energy in the Baltic Sea region
  • Leader of the circular economy

Our greatest asset is our people

  • Professional development

We support your development from day one and continue to do so throughout your career. With us, you will belong to a network of experts in your field.

  • Health support

We invest in the mental and physical health of you and your loved ones through health insurance, our sports club, a wide range of options on Stebby, and additional annual leave.

  • Flexible working arrangements

You have the flexibility to organise your working hours. Depending on your role and responsibilities, you can achieve your goals in a location and at a time that suits you, upon agreement with your manager.

  • Decent salary

Salary is an important motivator for the work experience. We acknowledge every employee's contribution with a competitive salary and a personal performance pay.

  • Smart working environment

We are developing an IT-smart working environment by automating simple tasks. This allows us to focus on value creation and innovation.

  • A supportive management culture

Feedback is a driving force. Regular meetings with your manager will support your development.

The story of our values

We are successful when we do things that are good and useful for the customer. With limited resources, we focus on activities that add more value, but we do not compromise on safety to increase value. To increase efficiency, we make the organization, business processes, and communication simple and clearer. All of this is achievable because every energy hero knows that it all starts with me!

Up to me

Useful for the customer

Increasing value

From complicated to simple

Safety first

Our work has a great impact

Our ambition is to offer our clients useful and convenient energy solutions and to produce energy ourselves, in an increasingly environment-conserving way, as thus we will make our contribution into making the world cleaner.

We operate in the markets for electricity and gas sales in the Baltic States, Finland, and Poland, as well as on the international market for liquid fuels. We are leading the way in implementing new, smarter, and cleaner technologies.

We create customer-centric and data-based energy solutions from the production of electricity, heat, and fuels to innovative sales, customer service, and additional services related to energy.

Green revolution – We make the world a cleaner place

We are constantly searching for new and more sustainable possibilities for energy production. As the producer of renewable energy with the most diverse portfolio in the region, we produce electricity and heat from wind, water, solar, biomass, and mixed municipal waste.

You too can contribute to the green revolution

Everyone's habits have an impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions. Energy solutions can be part of your personal green journey. We are confident that the fastest, cheapest and most environmentally friendly solution to achieving carbon neutrality is to switch to green energy.

Circular economy – Our goal is waste-free production

We recycle the material left over from oil shale mining – customers use limestone and crushed stone in construction work and in road and railway construction. Oil shale ash fertilizes organic fields, creating better growing conditions for plants. The use of tires and waste wood in energy production creates value. TalTech researchers have already conducted laboratory experiments on how to produce waste plastic oil.


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