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Be a smart consumer and reduce your electricity bills

A smart assistant in your pocket

Your consumption information, electricity and gas contract, invoices and Enefit's contacts are quickly accessible everywhere with your mobile app.

All Enefit's home and business customers and Elektrilevi's universal service customers can keep an eye on their consumption points via this mobile app.

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Consume consciously

The app lets you see how much electricity you have consumed per hour. For example, having heated your sauna the previous evening, you can retrospectively estimate how much the household's energy consumption increased during the operation of the electric heater.

For even more in-depth analysis, you can compare longer time periods (week, month, and year). For example, you will then have an idea of ​​how household growth has affected electricity consumption.

Reduce your bills

The app shows the exchange prices for the next day's electricity. Planning your consumption based on real prices directly affects your electricity bill. The larger the household and the dwellings, the more tangible the result of sustainable consumption is.

With the Variable package, you can get the most benefits if you opt for hourly pricing.

Smart notifications

Set up appropriate notifications in your app to find out the next day's electricity prices and guide your consumption to the right prices for hours. In addition, the app will send you a message if your electricity consumption is significantly different from your normal one.

Invoice and contract information

In addition to the consumption information, you will also be able to see the details of your electricity and contract (package, price, etc.), electricity bills, and conveniently pay for them.


The first time you use the mobile app or after dowloading updates, you will need to sign in with either your personal code and phone number or by using Smart-ID or Mobilil-ID. From then on you won't need to sign in when you open the app – you're automatically signed in.

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