Comprehensive solutions for apartment associations

Make the apartment association more sustainable and reduce fixed costs.

Comprehensive solutions for apartment associations

Just as you take care of your private house, you must also keep your apartment building modern. To this end, we offer several ways to make your life better and safer, and to keep real estate prices high. For example, you can choose a suitable electricity package together with your apartment association, cover general costs with solar energy or ensure a safe living environment thanks to our maintenance service. Choose the solutions you need or come to a free consultation.

Reduce costs

Solar panels

Produce 100% clean energy yourself and increase the value of your property! We take care of the necessary building and operating permits and the documentation for connection to the network.

Charging solutions

Enefit Volt offers a transparent and convenient comprehensive solution for apartment buildings. We take care of the design, installation, maintenance and day-to-day management of the solution.

Street lighting services

We organize the creation of a lighting solution according to the needs of a specific area. We help with design and construction, and at the same time, arrange the electricity connection easily and conveniently for the customer.

For better living

Air-to-air heat pump

An air-to-air heat pump is the best alternative to protect yourself from high heating costs and is also available for smaller apartment associations.

High speed internet

Join the communications network and get a high-quality connection in your apartment building! See whether our service is available in your location.

Wind energy purchase contract

This is a green and affordable solution with which you know exactly which Baltic wind farm produces electricity for your apartment building.

Safety first

Maintenance service

Maintenance service is mandatory for an apartment building if the main fuse of the electrical system is greater than 100 A. We will organise all necessary electrical maintenance and repair work.

Electrical work

Entrust both major and minor electrical work to professionals. We carry out both small jobs and large-scale projects.

Electrical installation audit

According to the law, the condition of an electrical installation must be checked if you wish to use a new electrical system.