Electricity package "Seasonal Secure"

Green electricity package that offers you peace of mind. Exchange price in the summer, fixed price in the winter and, as a bonus, electrical equipment insurance.

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    Why choose Enefit? 


    years of experience in the market 

    We are an energy partner with extensive experience, from Estonia to Poland. 

    By 2045


    Renewable energy already accounts for 40% of our electricity production. 

    51 000

    users of green electricity 

    Green electrification is the best method to achieve a carbon-neutral economy. 

    1 invoice 

    with all your services 

    One monthly invoice for all ordered services makes billing convenient. 

    Electricity contract and packages 

    Together towards a cleaner future 

    Everyone’s habits have a direct impact on reaching a cleaner future. Using green energy reduces carbon dioxide emissions and your environmental footprint. 

    Why choose green energy? 

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     Preserving nature 

    The growth of green energy users increases the share of renewable energy and reduces the emission of carbon dioxide into the air. 

    Supporting renewable energy producers 

    We use solar, wind, and hydro energy to produce green energy. 

    Setting an example 

    You demonstrate that clean nature is important to you and you wish to contribute to its preservation. 

    Switching is a breeze 

    Choosing green energy is simple and doesn’t require any changes at home! 

    Solar panels and batteries 

    Produce smart green electricity and protect yourself from interruptions  

    Enjoy lower electricity bills and keep track of your environmentally friendly solar panel electricity production using your smartphone. Batteries enable you to store the electricity generated by solar panels and use it later. 

    Charging electric vehicles 

    Charge smartly at home, at work and on the go 

    Rent or buy the Enefit Volt charging solution along with the smart mobile app for your home. For convenient travel, we’ve installed 250 public chargers across Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, all powered by green energy. We also operate in Poland and are rapidly expanding.   

    Mobile app 

    Consume consciously and reduce your electricity bills 

    Your consumption information, electricity and gas contracts, invoices and Enefit contacts are all quickly accessible via the mobile app. 

    Green journey

    Together on a green journey to a cleaner future

    The world has changed, and the old ways are no longer viable. The planet must remain healthy, but people must also have affordable energy to use. We are looking for a path to a secure and clean – namely, sustainable – future of energy. This path is called the green journey. And we at Enefit are your guides on this green journey!


    Ülemiste Centre Becomes Estonia's Largest Fast Charging Point for Electric Cars

    In Tallinn, the Ülemiste Centre's indoor car park has started operating with seven 50 kW and one 22 kW electric car chargers from Enefit Volt, as well as one 22 kW and one 50 kW charger in the outdoor car park, with future power increasing to 120 kW. Now, 20 electric cars can be charged simultaneously at the Ülemiste Centre.

    Tallinn’s first power plant resumes electricity production with Enefit’s help

    The Energy Discovery Centre, housed in what used to be Tallinn’s first power plant, celebrated its 10th anniversary last month. On the occasion of the anniversary, Enefit installed nearly 69 kW of solar panels on the Energy Discovery Centre’s roof, enabling the centre to produce its own electricity on-site and significantly reduce annual electricity costs.

    Eesti Energia successfully issues inaugural EUR 400m Green Hybrid Bond

    Eesti Energia raised 400 million euros of green hybrid bonds, listed on the London Stock Exchange to support its business and strengthen its financial position. The funds raised will be invested in ongoing and planned projects supporting the development of green energy.

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