Renewable energy

Together, we are moving towards a greener future to leave a smaller footprint!

Solar panels

We help you install solar panels and generate electricity from the sun!

Green Energy

Use only electricity from renewable energy sources!

Generate your own electricity

Sell ​​the electricity you produced to the network!

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Together we can find the best solutions to sustainably minimise your household energy costs. In addition to electricity and gas, we offer reasonable solutions for

  • electric car charging,
  • solar energy production and storage,
  • home heating and cooling,
  • home insurance.

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Virtual tours

Take a virtual tour at the Iru power plant

Circular economy is a strategically important direction for us – the Iru power plant produces energy from mixed municipal waste. We have prepared an exciting tour so that you can comfortably take a peek behind the scenes of our sustainable energy production.

Take a virtual tour at the Paldiski wind farm and solar park

Renewable energy production has become by far our most profitable field of activity - our wind farm and solar park play a significant role in this. We have prepared an exciting tour so that you can go on a ride on the wind turbine nacelle and on a walk at the solar park, the annual electricity output of which is equivalent to the average annual consumption of 300 Estonian households.

Using renewable energy sources preserves the environment

Enefit produces electricity and heat from wind, water, biomass, sun, but also from municipal waste, which we burn for energy instead of landfilling.

Join us on the green journey!

Everyone's habits have an impact on our path to a cleaner future. Going green means a gradual transition to green electricity. By letting green energy into your life, you reduce your carbon emissions and environmental footprint.