Energy label

Make your home more energy efficient

Energy label for a private house

140 €/pc

Energy-performance certificate for an apartment building (3–30 apartments)

150 €/pc

Energy-performance certificate for an apartment building (more than 30 apartments)

170 €/pc

Energy-performance certificate for a non-residential building


Find out the energy class of your home

Almost a third of the energy used in Estonia is used for housing. In order to reduce the impact on the environment, it is important to make buildings more energy efficient.

The energy label is a document that gives an overview of the actual energy consumption of your home - how much energy is used for heating, electricity, water heating, etc.

When selling or renting a building, the energy label is mandatory if the buyer or tenant so wishes. An energy label is also required if you want to apply for home renovation grants.

We can provide you with an energy-performance certificate quickly and conveniently:

  • We look at the electricity consumption of your home without you having to send or collect data to us.
  • We enter the data of the energy-performance certificate in the building register.
  • The energy-performance certificate will be completed within five working days after we receive the consumption data.

The energy-performance certificate defines the energy class of the building from A to G. The more efficient your home's energy class (such as A or B), the lower your energy expenditure.

The energy-performance certificate remains valid for 10 years.