Electrical installation audit

Be certain that your electrical installation is safe to use

Electrical installation audit is a legal obligation

According to the law, the condition of an electrical installation must be checked if you wish to use a new electrical system. An audit is not required for temporary installations with a main protection of less than 35 amps and for extensions to an existing installation if the protection in front of the supply line is less than 35 amps.

After a certain period, regular or extraordinary audits of the electrical system are required, depending on the type of building and the year of construction.

An audit is also required to obtain an authorization of use for the building.

Why do all electrical systems have to be periodically checked?

  • Electrical systems are subject to numerous risks, such as moisture damage or imperceptible faults that may go unnoticed, without professional inspection.
  • It is recommended, to avoid dangerous situations that the electrical system is thoroughly inspected by a specialist from time to time.

Enefit is a quick and convenient choice, if you want to order an audit of an electrical installation:

  • We are an accredited service provider, and have performed thousands of reliable audits of electrical installations.
  • Our specialists have the necessary knowledge and the most thorough and long-term experience in Estonia to offer you a higher quality service.

Four steps of the electrical installation audit

  • 1

    Be prepared

    Before ordering an audit, make sure that your electrical installation is maintained and in working order, and that you have the necessary electrical plans and documents. If you need the help of an electrician for this purpose, you can order works from Enefit.

  • 2

    Contact us

    If the documents in order and the system is maintained, contact us. We will respond to your request within three working days at the latest and agree on a time for execution.

  • 3

    We observe, evaluate and prepare a report

    During auditing, the system is visually inspected, documents are checked and audit measurement testsare performed.

  • 4

    We offer solutions and, if desired, perform the necessary electrical work

    If the inspection reveals deficiencies in your system, it is necessary to eliminate them. Enefit's electricians can help with this.

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