Heat pumps

Economical and convenient heating and cooling solution

Air-to-air heat pump

Simple and affordable choice for supportive heating

Air-to-water heat pump

Economical home heating and hot water

Air conditioning

Economical cooling equipment for a pleasant indoor climate

Why choose a heat pump?

Immediate savings

Up to 80% savings compared to electric heating

Safe and convenient

Forget about firewood, smoke, chimneys and ash, heat comes at the touch of a button

Affordable and fast introduction

Installation takes only 1 to 2 days on average

Environmentally friendly heating method

Heat pumps are very energy-efficient and therefore eco-friendly, helping to reduce your environmental footprint

Five steps to a warm and environmentally friendly home

  • 1

    Check out our sample solutions

  • 2

    Ask for a personal offer

  • 3

    Together we will find the best solution for you

  • 4

    Quick and precise installation

  • 5

    Lower heating costs, smaller environmental footprint and less worry about heating your home

Why choose Enefit?

Very wide product range

We have over 100 different models of heat pumps, among which we will find the most suitable for you.

Trustworthy partner

We have been operating in the energy market for over 80 years and will be with you for years to come. Our experienced sales engineers have advised nearly 10,000 people on heat pumps. We advise on applying for .

Reliable quality

Our selection includes well-known and high-quality brands that have been thoughtfully selected for the Nordic climate, and installation is taken care of by specialists with years of experience.


We ensure a smooth selection and installation process as well as regular maintenance. A selection of air-to-air or air-to-water heat pumps can also be purchased as a full service with monthly payments, ensuring a 100% worry-free heating solution.

Complete solution

In addition, we will offer you a 100% renewable energy electricity package with a 50% smaller margin and no monthly fee. This is a big step towards reducing your environmental footprint.

Heat pumps through hire purchase

The purchase and installation of an energy-efficient heat pump can often require a large initial investment. In order to make eco-friendly home heating easier, we allow flexible payment in instalments.

Join us on the green journey!

Everyone's habits have an impact on our path to a cleaner future. Going green means a gradual transition to green electricity. By letting green energy into your life, you reduce your carbon emissions and environmental footprint.