Electrical installation inspection

Make sure that the electrical system in your business is safe

Electrical installation inspection price list

Electrical installation inspection for private houses and apartment buildings with up to 50 apartments

from 90 €/pc

Electrical installation inspection for non-residential buildings

By agreement

Making drawings for a private house

from 420 EUR

Switchboard diagram with drawing (DWG/PDF formatted documents)

from 156 EUR

Safety first

Every year, hundreds of fires in Estonia start from unmaintained, outdated and incompetently built electrical systems that cannot withstand heavy use.

The inspection of the electrical installation helps to make sure that the electrical installation is maintained, operates safely and that all necessary electrical projects and diagrams have been properly carried out.

Order the inspection:

  • for the electrical system that has not been inspected for a long time to ensure its safety;
  • before the audit of the electrical installation in order to identify the most significant deficiencies and eliminate them before the audit is performed;
  • before areal estate deal in order to get an overview of the electrical installation situation and possible necessary investments for the improvement of the electricity system.

Inspection of the electrical installation includes the following:

visual inspection of the electrical installation: cleanliness, markings, touch covers, condition of wires;

checking the compliance of the installation with the existing documentation;

earthing resistance measurement or visual inspection of the presence of earthing;

residual-current device test.

3 steps to solving electrical problems

  • 1


    Fill out the order form and we will get back to you within five business days. If the solution we offer is suitable, we will agree on a schedule for the work.

  • 2

    Execution of works

    We will always do the electrical work at the agreed time. If technical obstacles arise during the work that alter the agreed solution and the final price, the electrician will immediately inform you.

  • 3

    Payment and warranty

    After completing the work, the electrician prepares a report, which lists the volume of work done and the materials used. Enefit provides a two-year guarantee for all electrical works.

Why order electrical works from Enefit?

Guaranteed quality

We use the best and safest methods, and the work is carried out by experienced specialists of Eesti Energia.

2-year guarantee

We can guarantee that we will available when questions might arise.

Fast execution

We are always operative and transparent when communicating and carrying out work.

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