Ülemiste Centre Becomes Estonia's Largest Fast Charging Point for Electric Cars

In Tallinn, the Ülemiste Centre's indoor car park has started operating with seven 50 kW and one 22 kW electric car chargers from Enefit Volt, as well as one 22 kW and one 50 kW charger in the outdoor car park, with future power increasing to 120 kW. Now, 20 electric cars can be charged simultaneously at the Ülemiste Centre.

Tallinn’s first power plant resumes electricity production with Enefit’s help

The Energy Discovery Centre, housed in what used to be Tallinn’s first power plant, celebrated its 10th anniversary last month. On the occasion of the anniversary, Enefit installed nearly 69 kW of solar panels on the Energy Discovery Centre’s roof, enabling the centre to produce its own electricity on-site and significantly reduce annual electricity costs.

Eesti Energia successfully issues inaugural EUR 400m Green Hybrid Bond

Eesti Energia raised 400 million euros of green hybrid bonds, listed on the London Stock Exchange to support its business and strengthen its financial position. The funds raised will be invested in ongoing and planned projects supporting the development of green energy.

Andres Vainola departs from Eesti Energia Group

Andres Vainola, a member of the Management Board of Eesti Energia, is resigning from his position in agreement with the Chairman of the Management Board, Andrus Durejko, and the Supervisory Board of the energy group as of July 5th. Additionally, Vainola will resign as the Chairman of the Management Board of Enefit Power in agreement with the Supervisory Board of Enefit Power as of September 6th.

The Enefit Smart Club event motivates scholarship recipients to learn more

At the beginning of June, the Enefit Smart Club event took place. It was intended for our scholarship recipients and graduates, focusing on acknowledging their self-development efforts. We encourage the pursuit of new knowledge and wish to show appreciation to the ambitious individuals currently engaged in formal education.

Midsummer’s Eve likely to bring very low electricity prices

The combination of increased wind energy production, rainy weather and low consumption is expected to bring very low electricity prices over the weekend, after a long time.

Enefit sells its Finnish customer portfolio to Oomi

Enefit, the customer services company of Eesti Energia, is selling its Finnish customer portfolio to one of the largest energy companies in Finland, Oomi, to place greater focus on customers in the Baltics and Poland.

Enefit and Solaride join forces to develop the next-generation solar car

The international energy company Enefit has partnered with Solaride, becoming a member of the non-profit organisation that develops solar cars. This collaboration aims to build a winning car for the World Solar Challenge in Australia, advance innovation in the energy sector, and make engineering studies more appealing to young people.

Energy expert: Electricity price in summer will be driven by high renewable electricity production

Increasing solar energy generation in the Baltics and low demand during the summer season drives the electricity price down.

Eesti Energia uses artificial intelligence to tackle complex issues

Last year, Eesti Energia invested €12.8 million in R&D, with a focus on artificial intelligence solutions for customer services, and the development of the chemical industry.

Eesti Energia uses artificial intelligence to tackle complex issues

Last year, Eesti Energia invested €12.8 million in R&D, with a focus on artificial intelligence solutions for customer services, and the development of the chemical industry.

Enefit to sell electricity produced by the largest solar power plant in the Baltics

Enefit and Nordic Solar, a Danish developer of solar power plants, signed an agreement to sell the production of the 100 MW Moletai solar power plant to the market.

Thousands interested in a new type of electricity package

In mid-March, Enefit announced the launch of a new electricity package, Seasonal Secure, which benefits from low summer prices on the stock exchange and provides price stability in winter.

Eesti Energia ended the first quarter with moderately positive results

Marlen Tamm, the CFO of Eesti Energia, explained that although the group’s sales revenue and profit decreased compared to last year, it was a good quarter in terms of operating cash flow.

Enefit Volt expanded beyond the Baltics and launched a public electric vehicle charging service in Poland

Enefit opened 22 public electric vehicle charging stations in the city of Bielsko-Biala and its surrounding areas in Poland. Located at 19 sites, the chargers use 100% green energy and...

One in five households can join Enefit's high-speed Internet network in rural

Enefit is building a new-generation fibre-optic cable network which today brings high-speed Internet and TV service readiness to nearly 80,000 households.

Enefit Power to decommission the cogeneration unit of the Balti Power Plant

On Monday, 1 April, Enefit Power will decommission the unprofitable cogeneration unit of the Balti Power Plant for at least a year, the production of thermal energy will continue in the reserve boiler house.

Enefit to deliver energy for a confectionery directly from a solar park

Enefit concluded a three-party contract with the Better Energy solar park and Toms chocolate factory in Poland to deliver green energy from the solar park directly to the production plant.

Raido Ivalo appointed as a member of the Management Board and Head of Business Technology and IT of Eesti Energia

Raido Ivalo will assume the position of a member of the Management Board and Head of Business Technology and IT of Eesti Energia from April 1.

Enefit confirms its ambitions to become a key European polymer industry feedstock supplier

AS Eesti Energia (Enefit) took the next significant step by starting the final design phase of the multi-feed Naphtha refinery located in Auvere, with an annual capacity of 168,000 tonnes.

The new seasonal electricity package offers favourable power exchange prices in the summer and price stability for the winter

Enefit will start offering a new electricity package in April, which will benefit the customers both by providing affordable power...

Some electricity invoices for February contained an error

Due to a technical error, nearly a third of Enefit’s electricity sales customers received an inaccurate electricity invoice for February, with an error in the monthly fee...

Enefit assists local governments in advancing towards eco-friendliness in a more cost-effective manner

Starting this year, Enefit has expanded its business to government (B2G) activities, states Roul Tutt, a Member of the Management Board of Enefit, responsible for the company's sales strategy.

Eesti Energia’s business results were strong but the write-downs of oil shale-fired power plants led the company to losses

Eesti Energia’s normalised EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation) was €483 million in 2023.

New Head of IT and Business Development to join the Management Board of Eesti Energia

As of April, all responsibilities related to the large-scale power industry, including the operation and development of controlled electricity generation...

Eesti Energia to install the first large-scale storage device by early next year

Eesti Energia will build the company's first large-scale storage device at the Auvere industrial complex later this year to balance the fluctuations in electricity prices caused by the growth in renewable energy production...

An energy expert explains: Why should you fix your electricity price for a short term?

It is estimated that electricity contracts will expire in more than 50,000 Estonian households in the next three months. Consumers who do not want to risk fluctuations in the exchange price should fix their...

Estonian Data Science and AI Competition has involved thousands of experts from around the world

Eesti Energia launched an international competition among data scientists at the beginning of winter to find a more accurate solution for forecasting the consumption and production of micro-producers.

Enefit’s new range of packages allows for accurate forecasting of electricity bills

From the new year, all Eesti Energia energy products and services are provided by its subsidiary Enefit, which now displays the prices of electricity packages in more detail.

Eesti Energia wins ESG Loan Deal of the Year award at prestigious international conference

Eesti Energia's 600 million euro Sustainability-linked Syndicated Facility issued in February was named the most sustainable loan of the year in the region's largest and most prestigious investment-themed conference.

Betolar starts commercial side stream study of oil shale ash from Eesti Energia's power plant

Betolar will start a side stream study commissioned by Eesti Energia to explore the use of ash from oil shale combustion as a binding agent in concrete.

Enefit signs contract with retailer Norfa for the construction of 250 charging stations in Lithuania

Enefit has signed a contract with Lithuanian leading retailer Norfa to install 250 public charging stations.

Enefit Green opens a unique solar power plant in Estonia mine

Today, Enefit Green opened a solar power plant on the industrial site of the Estonia mine in Ida-Viru County. The company invested nearly €2.7 million in the construction of the solar park.

Enefit to install 32 new Enefit Volt electric car chargers in Rimi parking lots

Enefit Volt, the largest electric car charging network in Estonia, will be building 32 new public electric car charging stations in the coming year in cooperation with the well-known retail chain Rimi.

Eesti Energia involves data scientists around the world for more accurate electricity consumption and production planning

Eesti Energia has launched an international competition for data scientists to create a more accurate prediction model for the consumption and production of small producers.

Enefit Volt and TKM Kinnisvara join forces to install 31 electric car chargers in the parking lots of Selver

Enefit Volt, Estonia’s largest electric car charging service provider and TKM Kinnisvara AS have started cooperating on the installation of 31 new public electric chargers in 11 parking lots of Selver.

Eesti Energia to offer customer-oriented products and services under the Enefit brand

As of January 2024, all activities and expertise related to customer service and energy services will be transferred to a subsidiary, which will bear the Group’s international name Enefit.

Industrial doctorate students set out to solve the challenges Eesti Energia is facing

Eesti Energia and the Tallinn University of Technology launched an innovative model of cooperation, signing industrial doctorate contracts with doctoral students who will...

Eesti Energia generated two thirds of their sales revenue abroad

The sales revenue of Eesti Energia Group in the third quarter amounted to 408 million euros, of which 66% was generated outside Estonia.

Support for offshore and onshore wind farms remains high

The September survey by EMOR reveals that Estonians support the wider uptake of wind energy, including the establishment of offshore wind farms near residential areas.

Elektrilevi’s electrical network of the future will be maintained by more than 700 experts

Elektrilevi is restructuring the organisation to better meet customer expectations and the needs arising from the green transition and climate change.

The average customer of the universal electricity service would save nearly 120 euros per year by changing the electricity package

Eesti Energia currently has 65,000 customers who consume electricity based on the universal service package, although this is the most expensive option on the market today.

Enefit Volt has upgraded electric car charging points in 13 counties

Enefit Volt, the largest public electric car charging network in Estonia, has started replacing chargers that were previously part of the Elmo network. The installation work began in June and is planned to take place until the end of 2024.

Eesti Energia Group results for Q2 2023

The sales revenues of Eesti Energia Group amounted to EUR 416.1 million, -0.1% year-on-year, in the second quarter of 2023. Reported group EBITDA was EUR 107.7 million (+17.4% year-on-year)...

Eesti Energia is investing profits in new wind and solar farms

The normalised net profit of Eesti Energia in Q2 was 51 million euros, which is 52% more than in the second quarter of last year.

Conference call discussing 2023 Q2 financial results of Eesti Energia

On 3 August 2023 Eesti Energia will publish its 2023 Q2 results. Introduction of the results for investors will take place on 3 August at 11:00 London time, 12:00 Frankfurt time and 13:00 Tallinn time.

Enefit Volt has completed half of the Elmo charger upgrades planned for summer

Estonia’s largest electric car charging network Enefit Volt will install 38 new fast chargers this summer, replacing chargers that were previously part of the Elmo network. The installation work started in June and 19 chargers have been upgraded to date.

Eesti Energia signed a cooperation agreement with Swedish tyre recycling organisations to recycle waste tyres

Eesti Energia has entered into a long-term supply agreement with a Swedish tyre recycling organization, enabling the industrial recycling of waste tyres to be launched in this summer and thus contributing to reducing environmental problems in the region.

Eesti Energia trainees joined the SEB Youth LAB

For the sixth year in a row, SEB is organising a paid, innovative internship program, Youth LAB.

Enefit Volt will replace 38 Elmo charging points this summer

Estonia's largest electric car charging network Enefit Volt will install 38 new fast charging points this summer, replacing charging points that were previously part of the Elmo network.

Eesti Energia lowers prices for more than 91,000 Exchange package customers

Over the summer, Eesti Energia will harmonise the prices of its Exchange electricity package, which will mean lower electricity prices for more than 91,000 customers from 1 July.

Enefit Volt in cooperation with Kehra Business Centre established the first public electric car charging station in Kehra

On Thursday, June 1, the town’s first Enefit Volt public charger with a capacity of 22 kW started operating in the car park of Kehra Business Centre.

Eesti Energia to acquire Estonia’s first large-scale energy storage device

Next year, Eesti Energia wants to launch Estonia’s first pilot project for a large-scale storage device to make sure the solution is suitable both in Estonia and the company’s other retail markets.

Enefit Volt to build 40 electric vehicle charging stations with support of EU funds

Enefit Volt, the largest provider of electric vehicle charging solutions in Estonia, will receive 2 million euros of financial support from the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) to expand their charging network in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Energy expert recommends: a storage solution gets the most out of solar panels

Estonians' interest in producing electricity from the sun is growing. This is confirmed both by the number of electricity producers joining the grid and connection applications from micro-producers, which are setting new records this year.

Enefit Volt to replace many old Elmo chargers with newer models

Over the next two years Enefit VOLT, the owner of Estonia’s largest electric car charging network, aims to increase the accessibility of electric car charging in both urban...

Eesti Energia's investments more than doubled in the first quarter

Eesti Energia's normalized net profit in the first quarter was €142.6 million, with the sales revenue of €582.7 million. The group earned nearly 60% of its total sales revenue outside Estonia.

Eesti Energia Group results for Q1 2023

The sales revenues of Eesti Energia Group amounted to EUR 582.7 million, 2.0% year-on-year, in the first quarter of 2023.

Conference call discussing 2023 Q1 financial results of Eesti Energia

On 5 May 2023 Eesti Energia will publish its 2023 Q1 results. Introducing the results for investors will take place on 5 May at 11:00 London time, 12:00 Frankfurt time and 13:00 Tallinn time.

Enefit Volt to expand the public charging network from Estonia to Poland

Enefit Volt will start the construction of a charging network covering Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland in order to eliminate the main obstacle to clean transport, i.e poor infrastructure.