Thermal inspection

Unveil potential heat losses

Price list for thermal inspection

The exact cost of a thermal inspection will depend on the specifics of the building and your preferences.

Thermal inspection of apartment building

Starting from 250 €/pc

Thermal inspection of a non-residential building


Thermal inspection gives a quick overview of the condition of the building

Thermal inspection determines potential heat losses of the building. During the thermal inspection, the whole building is photographed with a thermal camera that shows the temperatures of different surfaces.

Thermal imagery analysis provides an estimate of the building's technical condition and major heat leaks. We recommend a thermal inspection if there is a need for post-construction quality control of a newly completed building.

How is the thermal inspection performed?

  • Only if the difference between the inside and outside temperature is at least 15 °C will the thermal inspection give an accurate result. With a smaller temperature difference, the contrast of the thermal image remains too low to be evaluated. For accurate results, it is important that the exterior walls are dry and out of direct sunlight.
  • The result of the thermal inspection is a report that contains thermal images of both the exterior facade and the interior.
  • Thermal inspections are carried out by experienced specialists of Enefit.