Flexible energy management

Earn additional revenue with your company's electrical equipment

Earn up to 15% income without additional investment

Enefit's flexible energy management service enables you to earn income by changing the load of your equipment consuming or generating electricity.

The load schedule of equipment consuming and generating electricity can be shifted over time without disturbing their main processes. This is called the flexibility of the device's energy consumption or generation.

Flexible energy management enables to use more renewable energy in the electricity system and to reduce the environmental footprint of industrial enterprises. Flexibility allows the owner of the device to earn extra income by participating in maintaining the balance of the power system.

For example, you can change the temperature of a cold store by one degree for a short period, pump water at a pump station 30 minutes later, or change the heating schedule of an electric heater.

Depending on the device, the earned income is up to 15% of the annual cost or income of electricity consumption or generation of the device.

The costs of joining the service are borne by Enefit and your company does not have to make additional investments.

Which devices are suitable for the flexible energy management service?

Industrial consumers

  • Water heaters and boilers
  • Pumps
  • Furnaces
  • Heating and refrigeration equipment
  • Crushers
  • Compressors

Reserve and backup equipment

  • Industrial batteries
  • UPSs
  • Generators

Electric transport

  • Electric buses
  • Electric cars
  • Electric ferries
  • Charging stations

Distributed production units

  • Wind farms
  • Solar power plants
  • Cogeneration plants
  • Pumped-storage hydropower plants
The best solution requires no effort

Why connect your device to our flexible energy management service?

Turn cost into revenue

Save up to 15% per year on electricity costs


We cover all costs related to the launch and maintenance of the service


Using the service is secure and under the control of your company


Equipment is automatically controlled without disturbing the main processes of production

How does the flexible energy management service work?

For smart and automated control of your company's equipment and making money in the energy market, we connect it to our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) that actively participates in the energy market, looking for the best ways to create value for your company.

  • The device is connected to Enefit's VPP platform that has ISO 27001 information security certificate **via a secure data communication channel**
  • The device sends information about its operating mode and readiness to the **VPP platform and receives activation signals from the platform to change and restore the load**.
  • The Virtual Power Plant makes the optimal choice of which connected devices and for how long the load change order is sent
  • **Option, not obligation:** To change the default presets, you can specify whether or not the device is available for the VPP for each day and hour.

Our promise

With the flexible energy management service, we invisibly control your company's electrical equipment. You win in time and money, consume wisely and protect the environment, all without risk and with the help of experts.

  • We will achieve a breakthrough in cheaper and cleaner electricity in cooperation with you, while you trust us to control your equipment smartly, safely and cost-effectively through smart solutions.
  • We only control your equipment at times you allow us to do so
  • We use a virtual power plant (VPP) platform with a proven and strong international reference
  • We guarantee the reliability and performance of the connection between the VPP and your company's equipment
  • We ensure that your company does not have to invest, manage or configure anything else: everything is fully automated
  • We ensure that your equipment uses energy wisely, generating additional revenue for your business
  • Your company's smart electricity consumption and flexibility enable to use more renewable energy and help reduce CO2 emissions

How to start using the service?

  • 1

    We identify the potential

    We analyze the potential of your company's equipment to generate revenue for your company

  • 2

    We calculate the potential income

    We calculate the potential revenue you earn by connecting your device to our Virtual Power Plant

  • 3

    You specify the usage criteria for the VPP

    We agree on criteria and conditions for the use of the device to ensure smooth running of its processes at all times

  • 4

    We propose a solution

    We propose a technical solution to start using the service

  • 5

    You earn income

    We enter into a contract so you can start earning money without an extra effort and thus contribute to cleaner energy

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Completed work

The Virtual Power Plant helps reduce the costs for Liwathon E.O.S.

"The Virtual Power Plant, as a new and innovative solution, makes the operation of the terminals more cost-effective, enabling the surplus energy that inevitably accompanies the technological process of the terminals to be sold back to the electricity market."

Gert Tiivas, Chairman of the Management Board of Liwathon E.O.S.

Smart control of mine pumps allows to save 7% per year on energy costs

"Connecting the pumps of the mine to the flexible energy management service enables existing equipment to be operated in a smarter and more efficient way, thereby reducing the fixed costs related to production. The entire process is automated and does not require daily intervention by our employees, i.e. it is a good example of innovation where the use of a high-tech service is made 100% effortless for the customer."

Andres Vainola, Chairman of the Management Board of Enefit Power

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