Joint connection

We will build an electricity and communications network as a single solution

We will build an electricity and communications network as a single solution

Building several networks at the same time is a future solution that will help to save time on procedures as well as building. By doing so, we are able to offer a better price and conditions. We approach our clients' preferences personally and guarantee the full support from our team throughout the whole process.

Internet network

  • Our communications network is the only operator neutral one being built in Estonia and it is open for all service providers
  • The client has the opportunity of choosing between several service providers: this enables more flexibility in terms of packages and price.
  • The optical cable offers a timeless high-quality network and enables the use of superfast speeds (up to 1000Mbit/s).

Electricity network

  • We collaborate with Elektrilevi, the largest network operator in Estonia.
  • We arrange network connections for our clients easily and comfortably.
  • We are there for the client from the start, explaining the necessity of the network connection until establishing the connection.

Why should you choose joint connection?

Personal approach

We take a personal approach to each and every project and will find the best solution in collaboration with our client. We guarantee the full support from our team.

Comfortable procedure

Carefully chosen contacts to turn towards. Personal manager, who will give an overview of the processes, work schedule and progress.

Price gain

The single solution you will save from excavation works, installation of routes, procedures and applying for approvals.

Quality guarantee

As the main partner of Elektrilevi network management and construction, we have a long-term experience.

Unique communications network

Sustainable and high-quality solution that enables the consumer to decide what service provider they prefer.

Stages of joint connection

  • 1

    Making an offer

    In the detailed planning phase, we issue technical conditions.

  • 2

    Signing a contract

    We prepare a price offer and sign a contract.

  • 3

    Project design

    We are starting with the design and soon you will get acquainted with the internal network solutions.

  • 4


    We start constructing the electricity and communication network. See locations of the connection points.

  • 5

    Consuming the service

    You are good to go, select the most suitable service provider when the construction is completed.

Request a personal quote

We will work out a personal solution based on current needs. Chargeable services include preparing a network design, working out technical solutions, applying for approvals, constructing the network and service fees.