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Energy efficiency and safety solutions for businesses

Solar panels for businesses

An investment in a greener future with guaranteed return

Audit of an electrical installation

Mandatory technical inspection of electrical systems 

Flexible energy management

Earn additional revenue with your company's electrical equipment

Energy storage

Energy storage enables you to use the energy you produce whenever you want

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Together we will find the best solution to minimise the energy costs of your company. In addition to electricity and gas, we offer reasonable solutions for:

  • electric car charging
  • solar energy production and storage
  • upgrading lighting systems
  • flexible energy management

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Street lighting services

Smart lighting solutions for the streets, roads and parking lots

More products

Thermal inspection

Discover possible heat losses of the building by analyzing thermal images

Electrical installation inspection with thermal camera

Check electrical connections to prevent possible accidents

Joint connections

Several different networks as a single integrated solution

Energy performance certificate

Find out the energy class of the building and make sure it is energy efficient