The journey is never linear. But where we are heading is certain!

Arno, Enefit engineer

Our success depends on our unity and co-operation

In collaboration with the Rakett69 Science Studios, we built a chain reaction machine that illustrates how we at Enefit work like a chain reaction machine, where everyone playing a vital role. Some plan, others initiate and some uphold the virtuous cycle. Everyone is making sure that we move as a unified team on the road to a common goal.

See how we contribute to the green journey!

This video reveals exciting behind-the-scenes details of our green journey and green milestones. Our people explain what each element of the chain reaction symbolises and demonstrate its practical application in their work.

At Enefit, we bring you smart energy solutions

We are your trusted energy partner and help you find smart energy solutions. Solutions that make day-to-day life more convenient, are more energy-efficient and help reduce your environmental footprint.

According to your needs, you'll discover we offer a range of options, including customised electricity or gas packages, environmentally friendly heating solutions, smart solutions for generating and storing home energy, electric vehicle charging solutions for home, work or travel, or even assistance with electrical work.

Explore the milestones of our sustainable energy solutions, also known as the milestones of the green journey.

By producing and storing electricity yourself, you save on energy costs

Our complete solar energy solution with the new smart storage solution ensures that you save as much as possible by automatically taking into account your electricity consumption and solar panel production. The unique control algorithm is adaptable and does not require constant manual configuration. This ensures that using the storage system always guarantees you the greatest savings possible.

Enefit Volt is your go-to electric vehicle charging partner at home, at work and on the road

For home charging, we offer state-of-the-art chargers along with a smart charging app, which helps you reduce charging costs and save the environment. We help create public charging readiness for business properties with multiple electric vehicles on the premises. For convenient travel, we have covered Estonia with 250 chargers powered by green energy and are rapidly expanding across the Baltics and Poland.

The new seasonal secure electricity package offers you peace of mind

We have created a seasonal electricity package that provides you with a favourable exchange price in the summer and peace of mind with a fixed price in the winter. For private customers, the year-round green energy package also includes an electrical appliance insurance solution, providing protection for your electrical equipment against damage caused by lightning, electrical failure or overload. You can join the package from April to August.

Together on a green journey to a cleaner future

The world has changed, and the old ways are no longer viable. The planet must remain healthy, but people must also have affordable energy to use. We are looking for a path to a secure and clean – namely, sustainable – future of energy. This path is called the green journey. And we at Enefit are your guides on this green journey!

The journey is not linear, but our goal is clear. Come take this journey with us!