Air conditioning

An air conditioner helps to ensure an even temperature and pleasant climate within a room.

A consistently stable temperature

An air conditioner maintains the desired temperature indoors, making the environment pleasant and enhancing your well-being. In addition to cooling, the device circulates and filters the air in the room, which prevents the creation of excessive moisture and mould as well as improves air quality.

Air conditioning is a worthwhile investment

Ensures a pleasant indoor climate

Maintains the temperature at an optimal level, ensuring a pleasant indoor climate even on hot summer days.

Improves air quality

Filters and cleans the air, removing dust, eliminating bacteria and reducing humidity in the air.

Increases energy efficiency

Our devices are energy-efficient and allow for temperature control, ensuring a suitable indoor climate while also keeping energy costs reasonable.

Simple steps to a cool and eco-friendly home

  • 1

    Choose a suitable model

    Our range includes high-end cooling solutions with various additional functions such as the wind-free function and the possibility the operate the device via remote control. Find the right model for you according to the size and needs of your home.

  • 2

    Place an order

    After determining the preferred model, place your order and our specialist will contact you to confirm that the device you selected is suitable for your home.

  • 3

    Fast delivery and professional installation

    We will confirm your order within 24 hours and agree on the most suitable time for the installation of the air conditioner. We will deliver the device to you within two weeks and install it in half a day.

  • 4

    Enjoy a pleasant cooling effect and enhanced well-being

    An even temperature in the room will keep you feeling fresh and rested, even on the hottest summer day.

Choose the model you prefer according to the size and needs of your home

Samsung AR

Cooling capacity

up to 40 m²

Cooling power

up to 6.1 kW

Quiet mode

from 20 dB

Price with standard installation from:

1 137 €

By instalments from 28 €/month

Samsung Wind-Free Comfort

Wind FreeTM cooling

Cooling capacity

up to 60 m²

Cooling power

up to 6.7 kW

Extra quiet mode

from 19 dB

Price with standard installation from:

1 452 €

By instalments from 36 €/month

Prices include VAT.

What to do if there are several rooms to be cooled or if the area to be cooled is larger than 60 m²?

For an area larger than 60 m² you can use a Samsung Multi Device with several indoor units and one external unit. This means that all rooms will have the cooling function, and only one device will be visible outside the building.

Frequently Asked Questions