Utility network tolerance fee

Compensation paid to a landowner for tolerating a communications network, which is paid only based on an application

Tolerance fee

The processing of tolerance fees and the processing of applications is regulated by § 152 - § 156 of the Law of Property Act Implementation Act.

Enefit pays a tolerance fee for tolerating the communication network located on the land units of the land for profit. The tolerance fee for the current year shall be paid no later than September 30 of the same year if the application is submitted no later than May 1 of the current year.

The location of the communication network belonging to Enefit and the right to receive a tolerance fee on real estate can be checked in the Land Board's tolerance fee calculator.

Before submitting the application, read the Terms of Payment of Tolerance Fees and Application Processing.

The application can also be submitted digitally signed to the e-mail address [email protected]

Protection zone of a communication structure

The extent of the protection zone of the communication structure is on both sides of the communication structure:

  • On land - 1 meter from the communication building or the outer wall of the communication building, in case of a free-standing mast 1 meter from the outer edge of the foundation;
  • On inland waterways - 100 meters from the centre line of the communication building;
  • At sea - 0.25 nautical miles from the centre line of the communication building.