Smaller electrical works

We will find a solution to every small problem

Need help with a minor electrical problem?

Enefit's experienced electricians do the necessary work quickly and properly. Small jobs are usually completed in one to two weeks, or possibly within one working day as a quick job.

Find a solution that suits your needs, place an order and we will contact you shortly.

A solution to an electrical problem in three easy steps

  • 1


    Fill out the order form and we will contact you within three working days to agree on a time for the execution of the work.

  • 2

    Execution of works

    We always come to perform electrical works at an agreed time. If technical obstacles arise during the work that change the agreed solution and the final price, our electrician will let you know immediately.

  • 3

    Payment and warranty

    After the work is done, the electrician compiles a handover-acceptance report, which lists the volume of the works performed and the materials used. Enefit provides a two-year warranty for all electrical works.

Find a suitable solution

Electrical work based on an hourly rate

Suitable if you need help with a small job, for example

  • changing and installing a luminaire while maintaining the position of the luminaire;
  • performing minor switchboard work;
  • connecting household electrical appliances, such as an electric stove.

The service includes:

The work of an electrician based on an hourly rate.

Check out the price list

Price including VAT:


78 €

First hour € 78, each subsequent hour € 54. A fee for materials and rental tools will be added.

Transport fee depending on location

Choose express service for work that must be performed immediately

Electrician consultation

Suitable if:

  • you want the electrician to review your existing solution and give advice on the content and scope of the work required;
  • you need an inspection of your object for a price quote.

The service includes:

One hour of consultation with the electrician.

Extra time is calculated in 15-minute increments

Price including VAT:


78 €

The minimum call-out fee for an electrician is € 78. When you order electrical works mapped out during the consultation, we deduct the consultation fee from the final price of the works.

Transport fee depending on location

Electrical work as project work

Suitable if you need help with a bigger project or job, for example,

  • connecting the building´s internal network to the connection switchboard;
  • works related to the modification of the electrical system;
  • renovating the lighting system of the whole building - we offer a lighting service.

The service includes:

The possibility to pay in instalments for projects from € 300

The final price of the project will be determined after consultation and the price quote

Transport fee depending on location

We perform electrical works all over Estonia

Green - We are present at this location

transport fee will be added outside town border

Blue - Works are performed from the nearest possible city

transport fee will be added

Why order electrical works from Enefit?

Reliable quality

We use the best and safest working methods and experienced specialists are responsible for the work.

2-year warranty

We can guarantee that we are there to help should you have any questions, today and in the future.

Works performed quickly

We are always operative and transparent in communication and work.

Installment payment

Installment payment makes it easier to pay for larger works

We offer an option to use installment payment for electrical works. Hire purchase allows you to pay for the electrical works flexibly and in installments.

Frequently Asked Questions