Larger electrical works

We can help you with larger projects

Looking for a reliable partner for a bigger project?

We build new or upgrade existing home electrical systems. We have a lot of experience in completing big projects, we are always accurate and correct.

For large-scale electrical work, the price is negotiated separately and depends on the nature of the work.

Examples of larger electrical works

Electrical system design and construction

Electrical system design and installation work is needed by anyone who is building new buildings or renovating existing ones:

  • we help to complete the project documentation,
  • we will build a complete electrical system,
  • we will conduct a technical inspection of the cabling and issuing a certificate that is the basis of connecting the electric cables the electricity network.

Electrical system renovation or upgrade to a new power system

If your home still has an old voltage system (3 x 220V), then we can help you upgrade this. We take on the entire construction process, from the preparation of the project to the execution of the electrical works and connecting the consumption point to the power supply. In recent years, we have rebuilt the electrical systems of hundreds of buildings.

Interior and exterior lighting upgrade

We can help if you want to renew old and depreciated lighting systems. Renovation reduces energy costs, maintenance costs and significantly improves lighting quality.

3 steps to solving electrical problems

  • 1


    Fill out the order form and we will get back to you within three business days. If the solution we offer is suitable, we will agree on a schedule for the work.

  • 2

    Execution of works

    We will always do the electrical work at the agreed time. If technical obstacles arise during the work that alter the agreed solution and the final price, the electrician will immediately inform you.

  • 3

    Payment and warranty

    After completing the work, the electrician prepares a report, which lists the volume of work done and the materials used. Enefit provides a two-year guarantee for all electrical works.

Why order electrical works from Enefit?

Guaranteed quality

We use the best and safest methods, and the work is carried out by experienced specialists of Eesti Energia.

2-year guarantee

We can guarantee that we will available when questions might arise.

Fast execution

We are always operative and transparent when communicating and carrying out work.

We perform electrical works all over Estonia

We are present at this location

transport fee will be added outside town border

Works are performed from the nearest possible city

transport fee will be added

Payment by installments makes it easier to make big purchases

Enefit offers the possibility to use installments to pay for electricity works. With installments you can pay for the electrical work flexibly and in several parts.

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