Green Energy

All the energy your company needs - it's green and comes from one place

The green revolution of Estonian companies starts here!

Choosing Green Energy is one of the easiest environmentally friendly changes you can make to reduce your company's ecological footprint.

All companies - large or small - can choose Green Energy as part of their electricity package by changing their existing or entering into a new electricity contract.

Why prefer Green Energy?

Preserve nature

The bigger the number of Green Energy customers, the greater the share of renewable energy in electricity generation and the less carbon dioxide emitted.

Support renewable energy producers

Green Energy is produced using 100% renewable energy sources, mainly solar, wind and hydropower. We either produce the Green Energy ourselves or buy it from other European electricity producers.

Be an example

Show that clean nature is important to you and inspire your employees and customers.

Switching is simple

Choosing Green Energy is one of the easiest environmentally friendly steps - you don't have to change any wires or plugs!

Small consumer

Annual consumption up to 100 MWh

By default, all our power packages of up to 100 MWh are based on 100% renewable energy sources to help the small business in Estonia turn green.

Reducing your ecological footprint has never been easier!

Large consumer

Annual consumption over 100 MWh.

Green Energy is also gaining popularity among companies with higher energy consumption that value energy-efficient thinking.

If you are already our customer, contact your customer manager for a quote on Green Energy. If you are a new customer, request an offer through the form below.