Bigger electrical works

Major electrical works and project works for businesses

Looking for a reliable partner for a bigger project?

We build new or upgrade existing electrical systems in offices and other businesses. We have a lot of experience in completing big projects, we are always accurate and correct.

For large-scale electrical work, the price is negotiated separately and depends on the nature of the work.

Examples of bigger works

Electrical system design and construction

Electrical system design and installation work is needed by anyone who is building new buildings or renovating existing ones:

  • we help to complete the project documentation,
  • we will build a complete electrical system,
  • we will conduct a technical inspection of the cabling and issuing a certificate that is the basis of connecting the electric cables the electricity network.

Analysis of electrical system parameters

Why is there a short circuit, even though there should be enough amps? Why do electronics and lighting often break down unexpectedly? Is the electrical system's main fuse too high or too low? We can provide expert answers to these and many other questions. We measure power system parameters, perform mains power analysis, and "translate" the information we receive into an understandable language.

Reactive energy compensation

If the power system analysis reveals that the cables have very high reactive power, we help install a reactive power compensator in the power grid, which stops the electric cables from heating up and reduces network service costs

Underground cable instead of overhead

If you would like to have electricity supplied via a land cable instead of an overhead cable, our electrician can help. By installing an underground cable, you can be sure that even in the most severe fall storms, the wind will not damage the cable.

Ask for an offer

3 steps to solving electrical problems

  • 1


    Fill out the order form and we will get back to you within three business days. If the solution we offer is suitable, we will agree on a schedule for the work.

  • 2

    Execution of works

    We will always do the electrical work at the agreed time. If technical obstacles arise during the work that alter the agreed solution and the final price, the electrician will immediately inform you.

  • 3

    Payment and warranty

    After completing the work, the electrician prepares a report, which lists the volume of work done and the materials used. Enefit provides a two-year guarantee for all electrical works.

Why order electrical works from Enefit?

Guaranteed quality

We use the best and safest methods, and the work is carried out by experienced specialists of Eesti Energia.

2-year warranty

We can guarantee that we will available when questions might arise.

Fast execution

We are always operative and transparent when communicating and carrying out work.

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