Moving and electricity contract

Let's make things easy

Let us know when you're moving

We will make sure that everything is in order with the electricity and network contract when moving to a new place.

Leave us your contacts and we will help you to conveniently manage all your contracts.

In addition, we offer you electrical equipment and fire insurance for the first 2 months for FREE!

Termination and signing of contracts

  • 1

    1. Termination of the network contract

    First, terminate the network contract with your network operator, for example in the Elektrilevi e-service.

  • 2

    2. Termination of the electricity contract

    Upon termination of the network contract, the electricity contract also terminates automatically. You don't have to do anything separately.

  • 3

    3. Signing a new network contract

    When moving to a new location, it is first necessary to enter into a new network contract nework contract, which ensures the supply of electricity to the home.

  • 4

    4. Signing a new electricity contract

    After concluding the network contract, we recommend concluding an electricity contract immediately. So both will take effect on the same day.

Make sure the electrical safety of your new home

When buying a new home, the maintenance of the electrical system is often not thoroughly checked. However, a number of hazards may lurk in the wiring, such as improper modifications and additions, damaged wiring, inadequate grounding, or inappropriate protective applications.

For a new building you should definitely do a more thorough inspection of the electrical system to ensure your safety. Enefit's electricians can help with both larger and smaller electrical works.

Sense of security for only five euros a month

Do you have many expensive electrical appliances in your new home? If you want to avoid the average costs of 1,500 euros that come with breaking them, insure your electrical equipment at Enefit.

In addition, you get the reassurance that unexpected costs will be covered in the event of a fire, when the damage can amount to tens of thousands of euros.

Special offer for new subscribers: first 2 months FREE!