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Appointment of new Supervisory Board members, chairman

The Extraordinary General Meeting of Eesti Energia AS held on 10 May 2022 approved a new composition of the Supervisory Council, effective from 12 May 2022 for a period of three years. The Supervisory Council now includes the following members: Anne Mere, Taavi Tamkivi, Tarmo Porgand, Ahti Kuningas, Andres Liinat, Einari Kisel, Meelis Einstein. Anne Mere has been appointed as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Eesti Energia AS.

Väino Kaldoja, Ants Pauls, Ivo Palu, Raigo Uukkivi are no longer members of the Supervisory Board. New Supervisory Board members are Anne Mere, Taavi Tamkivi, Tarmo Porgand, Ahti Kuningas.

Anne Mere is a Management Board member at Fazer Eesti OÜ, Fazer Latvia SIA and Fazer Lietuva UAB. She is a former Management Board member at AS HKScan Estonia, AS HKScan Latvia and UAB HKScan Lithuania, also a former CEO and marketing manager at AS Rakvere Lihakombinaat. Anne Mere is the representative of employers at the Supervisory Board of the Health Insurance Fund of Estonia.

Taavi Tamkivi is the founder and CEO of Salv Technologies OÜ, and the former Head of Compliance at Wise Payments Limited Estonian Branch.

Tarmo Porgand is the Deputy Head of State Assets department at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Estonia. He is a Supervisory Board member at AS Operail since 2020, and a former Supervisory Board member at Elering AS, AS Levira, and Riigi Kinnisvara AS.

Ahti Kuningas is the Deputy Secretary General for Transport at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of the Republic of Estonia, and the former Deputy Secretary General of Economic Development. He is the member of the Supervisory Board of Tallinn Stock Exchange listed Tallinna Sadam AS since September 2017, also member of the Supervisory Boards at the company’s subsidiary TS Shipping OÜ and associate AS Green Marine. Ahti Kuningas is also a Supervisory Board member at RB Rail AS since 2019 which develops the Rail Baltic Project in Estonia.

Andres Liinat is the former Chief Operating Officer of Cleveron and chancellor of Tartu University (2009-2017). He owns a diverse management background, including previous board level positions amongst others in Swedbank, Tallinna Kaubamaja Group, Hotel Olümpia, Reval Hotels.

Einari Kisel is the Head of Strategy and Partnerships at the FinEst Twins Smart City Centre of Excellence of Tallinn Universtity of Technology. He has previously worked as Europe Region Manager at the World Energy Council, as Deputy Secretary General of Energy in the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and as the Head of Energy Trading in Eesti Energia.

Meelis Einstein is the Managing Director and member of the Management Board of an Estonian based cement producer AS Kunda Nordic Tsement, a subsidiary of HeidelbergCement Group, from 2008. He is also the president of a non-profitable organisation Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia from 2019.