Solar panels and batteries

Invest in renewable energy

A well-designed solar power plant will pay off in ten years. We provide a complete solution for solar panels.

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Consume consciously and reduce your electricity bills 

If you have an hourly priced power exchange package, you can time your consumption to less expensive hours. Information about consumption and exchange prices is available on Enefit's mobile app.

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Review your devices

In general, larger and/or lower energy class appliances consume more electricity. The most energy efficient are A, B, C or D energy label appliances. Newer technology uses less electricity to run, and their purchase costs are relatively quickly returned by energy savings.

Replace lamps

Replace halogen lamps with LED-s. LED luminaires can have up to 80% better energy efficiency.

The best electricity is unused electricity

By finding points of savings and saving electricity by even one kilowatt-hour, you will save on network charges, electricity excise duties and renewable energy charges as well.