Faults and interruptions

In case of power outage, send information using the MARU application:

Or call Elektrilevi's emergency number:


What to do in case of a power outage?

  • 1

    Determine the scale of the power outage

    Maybe the light bulb burned out? Check other rooms and make sure that the electricity is out in the whole house.

  • 2

    Did the fuses go off?

    The circuit breakers are located in the electrical switchboard. When you open the switchboard door, do not touch its contents immediately – most important is to ensure safety.

  • 3

    Did you receive a SMS notification?

    In the event of a planned outage, the network operator will send a notification message to the contact phone, they will also notify if an information about a non-planned outage is received. Receiving the SMS means that the network company is aware of the outage, is already resolving it and there is no need to notify them separately.

    If there is no electricity in the whole house, you have not received a planned outage message or a fault message within 15 minutes and the fuses are switched on – call your network operator.

    Elektrilevi's 24/7 number is 1343

    Imatra Elekter's 24/7 number is 715 0188

    VKG Elektrivõrgud number is 716 6666

    Information you should give when calling:

    • the exact address or location of the outage;
    • a brief description of the problem, such as "no electricity in the house", "tree on the line", "wire on the ground", etc;
    • if known, the starting time of the outage.

Please keep in mind!

  • If you feel an unusual smell, turn the electricity off
    If the cord, plug, or switch of an electrical appliance emits smoke or an unusual smell, turn off the electricity in the whole house. Under no circumstances should burned electrical cables be extinguished with water.
  • In case of an electric accident, call 112 immediately
    In case an electric accident, 112 must always be called, regardless of the victim's condition. The condition of a person who received an electric shock may deteriorate rapidly and change during up to 24 hours. Remember to avoid touching a person in contact with the electricity. The victim is under current as long as they are connected to the circuit. Turn off the electricity.
  • Keep away from broken power lines
    Fallen electrical cables can be dangerous and must never be approached or touched. Also, trees and branches that have fallen on the line must not be touched – trees and branches always contain a certain amount of water, so they conduct electricity very well. Report broken power lines on the breakdown telephone 1343.