Enefit High Speed Internet

We are currently establishing a high speed network for delivering quality Internet and television connection to households.

Retail-level access of the telecommunication company to Enefit's access network

  • Upon the completion of the access network we guarantee the telecommunication companies access to the passive broadband infrastructure within Enefit's access point.
  • We publish the estimated completion schedule of the access network by municipality on the Eesti Energia website.
  • We assure access options on fair and equal grounds to all telecommunication companies with equivalent contract conditions and prices.

If you are an internet and TV service provider and want to offer your services via Enefit's high-speed internet network, please contact [email protected].

Which technology does Enefit use?

  • The access network being established is a passive P2P PON connected by operator networks mostly via splitters.
  • The access network that is being created by means of support measures is connected to the freely accessible fibre-optic core network so that no additional construction work, such as building and legalising routes is required (the operator has to enter the signal into the given core network point or, under special conditions, independently into Enefit access point).
  • Network resources from the freely accessible core network to the access network are guaranteed to at least five telecommunication companies
  • Access networks established without the support measures are connected to the nearest core network that might have access limits and is excluded from Enefit's responsibility.
  • The splitters are situated at the Enefit access point (FCP) that can be accessed only by Enefit or its authorised representative.
  • Depending on the area and/or necessity, the access point uses 1:2–1:64 splitters. Enefit does not install OLT or ONU equipment.
  • Physically separated fibres (or fibre pair, under special conditions) are guaranteed for operators from access point to end user.

What happens after joining us?

Enefit is building an operator-neutral access network for all the telecom operators to provide services. Enefit itself does not provide services.

In case of a new possibility of joining, all the end users of the corresponding area shall be informed.

The notice sent by Enefit to the client includes:

  • the deadline for joining;
  • the fee for joining;
  • a link to the Eesti Energia self-service site and web page.

Simultaneously with opening up the contract offers and sending out notifications we submit to all telecommunication companies a detailed list of end user addresses that can be connected to the access network.

After the core part of the access network is completed, we inform the communication companies of the deadline for deployment of the local loops, and the telecommunication provider can begin ordering connection activations. All the connections are activated after the local loops have been deployed, according to contractual conditions.

How much does it cost to join the network?

  • The fee to join via the Enefit line to the publicly accessible core network is 500 euros (no VAT) per access point. The fee includes connection to the core network node and the required splitters at the access point. The joining fee does not apply if the telecommunication company does not use the Enefit line to the publicly accessible core network.
  • The fibre rental fee per connected end user to the communication company is 8 euros per month.

Where does Enefit bring the communication cable?

  • In the presence of an overhead line, we will generally install the communication cable in the form of an overhead line on the building superstructure. The end user will receive the necessary indoor cable, which allows connection to the required location. The exact location of the cable end will be agreed upon with the end user, taking into account technical possibilities and the client's wishes. The clients can drill a hole into the wall themselves, we will include a guide on how to do it and what to keep in mind. If desired, the end user can also order the work from Enefit or a telecommunication company (if they offer such a service).
  • In case of an underground cable, we will bring the connection cable to the immediate vicinity of the property boundary; the particular technical solution will depend on the given project.

How to join?

  • The areas to be covered will be announced to the telecommunication companies that have signed a memorandum of cooperation and a confidentiality agreement with Enefit.
  • After signing the cooperation agreement, the telecommunication companies will receive a survey on core network join locations along with the distribution of municipalities and the number of address objects; and the service framework agreements will be concluded.

If you are an internet and TV service provider and want to offer your services via Enefit's high-speed internet network, please contact [email protected].