Future-proof Internet and TV network

Join Enefit and enjoy a high-quality connection in your home!

The times of interrupted TV signal and slow Internet speed are over!

We are building a next generation telecommunications network through which high-quality TV and other Internet services will reach Estonian homes.

  • Uninterrupted and uniform TV and Internet services on several devices at the same time.
  • Freedom to choose a new service provider with a suitable price and content or to continue with your current one.
  • Time saving when working remotely at home, studying, entertaining or using other online services.

Does our service reach you as well?

Please check the address to join our service or submit an application.

Enter the first letters of your address and select the correct one from the drop-down menu

What does high-speed Internet enable?

Cinema in your home

Films, series, videos, YouTube, Netflix, you name it.

Games and entertainment

Virtual reality and online games for the most demanding users.

The world on your computer

Online stores, e-services, news and social media always available.

Always there

Home office and e-learning at any moment.

Kliendid kiidavad


"Everything was very pleasant, the communication was smooth and well-meaning, the information given to me was sufficient."


"The performers of the work were just great: decent, hardworking and fast. The best customer experience ever."


"I was offered the service over the phone. I had also noticed the corresponding advertisement in the Eesti Energia app, but due to lack of time, I had postponed dealing with the matter. Now things were sorted out quickly and clearly. Thank you!"


"The whole process was quick and without any problems."

How much?

The one-time connection fee is between 199–299 eur. The fee depends on the time of joining: the earlier you join, the cheaper the price. It can also be paid in up to six interest-free installments.

When the high-speed Internet network is ready and you have selected your TV and Internet packages, you will be paying a monthly fee according to the price list of your selected service provider.

The state supports the establishment of high-quality telecommunications in sparsely populated areas. At addresses with state support, cable pulling will be free of charge during the first two months.

How to join?

  • 1

    Check, if you can connect to high-speed Internet by Enefit at your address. If so, sign a contract via self-service. If not, submit a request.

  • 2

    We are building a telecommunications network. We do all the construction work in one area at the same time and keep you informed.

  • 3

    We will inform, you when the construction of the network is ready.

  • 4

    Choose a suitable operator and sign a service contract.

  • 5

    Enjoy high-speed Internet and TV services.

Did you know…

Towards the future! More than 20,000 customers have joined enefit's high-speed internet

Working from home office, e-learning or using social media – these are just some of the activities that would not be possible without an internet connection. While connection quality usually depends on the number of devices connected to the network, 20,000 customers using Enefit's high-speed internet have access to a high-quality connection at any given time, regardless of weather, coverage or the number of users.

High-speed internet attracts new residents to the countryside and increases the value of real estate

"People also live in the countryside. In the e-state hustle and bustle, however, the small detail that there is no access to high-quality internet in remote areas has been forgotten," begins Tanel Talve, Member of the Board of NGO Voose Village Society. The only solution in such a situation is optical cable connection, the development of which is supported by the state. But...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a high speed internet network?

We are building a next generation telecommunications network through which Internet and television services requiring high-speed connections will reach Estonian homes. The new fiber optic broadband connection is of high quality and independent of the weather, coverage and other factors affecting the quality of service.

Our internet network allows various service providers to reach customers

We will build the network, but everyone can choose their own TV and Internet service provider based on prices or other values. You can change your service provider at any time.


We will notify you of the possibility of joining when we are sure that we will start building an optical cable network in your area.

When you join a high-speed Internet network, you get a readiness for a high-speed Internet connection. To use the Internet and TV service on a daily basis, the next step is to choose a suitable service provider and enter into a communication service agreement.

NB! The list of service providers may vary by region.

Choosing the service provider

See the plans for 2024

It will be possible to join the high-speed Internet network in 2023 in the areas presented in the list. Completion of the construction can take place during 2023 and 2024. The exact construction term will be displayed in the self-service upon concluding the connection agreement. Using the address search, you can check if your address is on the construction plan.