General information

  • The quote is valid for 30 days.
  • After accepting the price quote, we will agree with you on the installation time and send you an invoice.
  • 70% of the invoice must be paid before installation of the heat pump and 30% after installation.
  • In the case of hire purchase, the installation time is agreed with you after you accept the price quote and a positive decision is made for your hire purchase application.
  • When purchasing as a full-service lease, the installation time is agreed with you after you accept the price quote.

Important to know

We will specify the need for additional work before finalising the order.

The price quote includes

  • Transport of equipment to the site.
  • Initial start-up and user training of the heat pump.
  • Materials required for installation (insulated copper cold pipes, automation cable between indoor and outdoor units, etc.).
  • Installation of cold piping between the indoor and outdoor unit.
  • Installation of the hubcap for the cold piping.
  • Connecting the power cable brought to the equipment.
  • Drilling of a hole with a diameter of up to 65 mm between the indoor and outdoor unit for cold piping. If the wall thickness is more than 50 cm, an additional fee of 102 € will be added to the installation.
  • Additional work related to installation and transport fee.

The price quote does not include

  • General construction and finishing work.
  • Fireproofing work.
  • Dredging the piping into the walls.
  • Waterproofing work.
  • Noise measurements.
  • Defrost water kit for frost-proof drainage.
  • Condensate water pump with installation.
  • Electrical quality control of the building.
  • Electrical panel and wiring inspection.
  • Dismantling or disposing of an existing system.
  • Automatic circuit breaker in the electrical panel and connection of cables to the electrical panel.
  • Official approvals, projects or permits required for the installation of equipment.
  • Installation work on weekends, public holidays, or weekdays after 17:00.
  • Project documentation and implementation drawings.

Terms and price list

The General Terms and Conditions of the Contract of Services for the Installation of a Heat Pump

Enefitʼs heating and cooling solutions rental services price list