Enefit signs contract with retailer Norfa for the construction of 250 charging stations in Lithuania

Enefit has signed a contract with Lithuanian leading retailer Norfa to install 250 public charging stations. In total, 500 new charging points will be created by the end of 2024 in 107 different parking areas across the commercial network, with capacities ranging from 22 to 320 kW.

Enefit has embarked on a major expansion of its electric car charging network. Today, Enefit Volt's public charging network covers the whole of Estonia with nearly 200 charging points, and over the next year the company will open first charging stations in Latvia and Lithuania, thus establishing a foothold throughout the Baltics.


‘We are moving step-by-step to create cohesive charging network across all home markets. This is driven by the desire to increase user confidence in the widespread availability of chargers, not only in Estonian cities and on Estonian roads, but also in neighbouring countries. So, for example, when going on holiday to Lithuania, the customer can be sure that their car will be charged. Enefit Volt's green stations will be a familiar companion throughout the journey,’ said Aljona Jakovleva, Commercial Manager at Enefit Volt.

‘The new charging points will be located across Lithuania, available at Norfa shopping centres in both major and smaller cities from Vilnius to Klaipėda. In addition, the regions are not divided into important and less important ones, but the installation of the stations will take place simultaneously throughout the country,’ explained Tomas Žilionis, Development Manager for the Region.

‘At least two charging stations will operate in each shopping centre’s parking area, at least one of which will be for fast charging. All the charging stations will be able to charge two cars at the same time, which means that four electric cars can be charged at the same time at each charging point,’ he added.

The whole project is fully financed by Enefit, who will invest more than €10 million over the next two years in the development of electric vehicle infrastructure in Lithuania.

‘The deployment of fast and ultra-fast chargers is partly possible thanks to various subsidies. One of these is the Connecting Europe Facility, or CEF, support we received last year and this year. We are grateful to our supporters as well as to our partners, in cooperation with whom we can provide our customers with high quality and environmentally sustainable solutions and contribute to the spread of clean transport,’ said Jakovleva.

The first 250 chargers will be in place by the end of 2024. In total, Enefit plans to install more than 1,000 charging stations across Lithuania by 2026. Similar development projects are also being carried out in Latvia and Poland.

Enefit Volt

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