Switching to a green electricity package – a simple change with a big impact

On the path to a cleaner future, everyone’s habits have an impact. Choosing a green electricity package is one of the easiest environmentally friendly changes you can make. By consuming electricity produced from renewable energy sources, less carbon dioxide is emitted into the air, your environmental footprint is reduced and there is a direct impact on electricity production.


Despite the growing interest towards green electricity packages, there is a perception among some people that green electricity is many times more expensive compared to conventional energy. In reality, the preference for renewable energy does not have as great an impact on the electricity bill as is generally believed.

In Enefit, all our available electricity packages can also be selected as green. By entering your monthly electricity consumption in kilowatt-hours on our website, it is possible to compare standard and renewable energy-based packages and forecast the resulting electricity costs.

In general, the price per kilowatt-hour of green energy is on average 5% higher than in a fixed-price package. Therefore, by choosing a green package, a 30-euro electricity bill would increase by only one euro. This shows that the actual price difference between the two packages is not that big at all. However, the impact that comes with the consumption of green energy, is.

You help the environment

Non-renewable energy sources, ie fossil fuels such as oil shale, natural gas, peat, coal or oil, release large amounts of carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the air during the production process. This, in turn, creates pollution and has a negative impact on the natural world and ecosystems around us, causing, for example, climate warming.

Green energy production does not produce harmful compounds, so the environment remains clean and our ecological footprint is reduced. This is also the reason why consumers of green energy play an important role – the more of them, the greater the share of renewable energy in electricity production and the more we reduce the risks associated with climate change.

You consume sustainable energy

The amount of non-renewable energy sources is decreasing in use. More will be created over time, but not fast enough to cover human needs. In addition, retrieving them from the Earth’s crust requires more effort. In both cases, it is a limited resource that is not sustainable in terms of the future.

On the other hand, renewable energy sources such as solar, wind or hydropower are constantly and rapidly increasing. In Enefit, in addition to sun, wind and water, we also produce energy from biomass, ie waste wood and rubbish. This way there is no need to artificially damage the environment to get them. At the same time, these are long-term and sustainable energy sources that can be used by future generations.

You support the addition of renewable energy production capacities

Choosing a green electricity package helps speed up investments in the development of renewable energy production and thereby increase the entry of renewable energy into the market.

The more electricity we produce from renewable energy sources, the faster electricity prices will fall. The lower the electricity prices, the more affordable electricity packages can be offered in the future.

You help contribute to the security of electricity supply

Demand and supply of electricity varies by time and region. To make sure there is enough electricity for everyone, there is a constant export and import of energy between countries.

In a situation where energy reserves have decreased, we have to purchase the electricity we need to cover our own consumption. This makes us dependent on other countries and what happens in the energy market, and directly affects the price of electricity in the region and the security of electricity supply.

In order to increase both energy independence and security of supply, it is important that we produce enough electricity ourselves. One way to do this is to invest in renewable energy generation and storage solutions. With the help of those who choose a green electricity package, we can do the latter.

Switching is a breeze

Did you know that with a green electricity package alone, the carbon emissions of a household with an average energy consumption of 500 kWh per month would be reduced by 1872 kg over the course of a year? This is equivalent to 723 trees planted per year.

All you need to do to start using green energy is to choose the electricity package you like from the Enefit website . In addition to electricity packages, we also offer gas, solutions for home energy production and storage, electric car charging and smart control of all of this.

If you want more information or have any other questions, we will be happy to help you. Contact us and write to , call 777 4040 or leave a request for a consultation on our website.

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