Enefit Connect has upgraded the street lighting in Peipsiääre municipality

Starting from March the town of Kallaste will be illuminated by smart and energy-efficient streetlights. The lighting solution was developed through collaboration between Enefit Connect and the Peipsiääre municipality, enhancing the existing infrastructure of Elektrilevi and the municipality with a smart luminaire control system that allows for light dimming.

Street lighting in Kallaste city. In the photo, the lighting is dimmed to 80% power.

During the first phase, all obsolete and energy-inefficient luminaires were dismantled, 172 in total. The new solution was created using 117 LED luminaires. Reducing the amount luminaires was possible by using modern luminaires equipped with optics, which offer improved luminous efficiency and allow the beam direction to be adjusted based on the type of optic.

During the second phase of the Kallaste lighting upgrade, 18 additional luminaire points are expected to be installed on the streets by the end of the year. The complete solution is a user-friendly comprehensive package; in this arrangement, Enefit Connect covered the initial investment for the lighting upgrade, while the municipality pays a fixed monthly fee throughout the entire duration of the 10-year contract. At the end of the contract period, the lighting network will belong to the municipality.

Smart solutions that bring benefits

Piibe Koemetsa, Mayor of the municipality, explained that the primary motive behind the lighting renovation project in the town of Kallaste was the outdated state of the lighting network, numerous faults and the energy inefficiency of the old luminaires. ‘The aspiration was to overhaul the entire system, but this becomes challenging when there is a lack of funding. We could have implemented the street lighting upgrade in Kallaste only in incremental stages,’ she remarked.

A smart control system enables luminaires to be dimmed or turned off when necessary, especially during low-demand periods. This results in reduced energy consumption, less light pollution, and potential savings of up to three times the previous lighting costs. The dimming function means that the streets of the municipality can now be illuminated throughout the dark hours, even at nighttime, when the lights were previously turned off.

‘Discussions took place in the municipality and representatives of Enefit Connect came to the council to present the project. Throughout the preparatory process, several different scenarios were analysed. For example, calculations were performed to determine the annual cost under the current lighting setup compared to the cost of the new luminaires. In the final plan, the number of luminaires was reduced by 55, but the new luminaires are modern and illuminate in a different way – along the road,’ said the mayor.

Full service creates a sense of certainty

Beyond design, installation and control options, the 10-year comprehensive service contract encompasses various additional advantages, including new electrical connections and continuous luminaire management such as fault repairs. The municipality will not have any extra expenses beyond the set monthly fee, ensuring predictability in municipal budget planning in the years ahead. The inclusion of electricity and network charges as part of the comprehensive service is significant, especially when considering the current instability in the energy market.

‘Above all, we are very pleased that we did not have to plan a large investment in the budget. We will make a fixed monthly payment throughout the entire contract duration, covering connection, design, execution, management and energy consumption. In essence this allows for cost control, and the new lighting will make the area more contemporary, appealing, energy-efficient and safe,’ Koemets explained, noting that more precise feedback can be obtained in six months, once the darkest period of the year has passed.

The luminaires in the municipality will function based on the twilight schedule outlined in the service contract, and the optimal schedule for the Peipsiääre municipality is currently in the process of being finalised. It will take into account the suggestions of local residents as well as safety concerns.