Safety first! When was the last time you checked your household electrical appliances?


In the midst of our busy lives, we tend to forget how important it is to check our household electrical appliances at least once a year to make sure they are safe. Even poor contact in an outlet can cause a fire. However, you should entrust electrical works to professionals who ensure that both minor and major electrical works are done correctly.


The number of fires caused by electricity has increased by nearly 30% in recent years. Last year alone, electricity was the cause of more than a quarter, or 26%, of all building fires. The main reason fires start is due to failures in electrical installations and appliances. Such failures are even more likely, if:

  • the wiring is outdated and/or overloaded;
  • the appliance or system has been installed incorrectly;
  • electrical works have been done by a person without the relevant knowledge or experience.

When comparing various household appliances, the refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, TV and electric cooker pose the greatest fire risk. The reason is simple – not only are these the most used home appliances, they are usually installed into a permanent place. Therefore, they accumulate dust over time, which increases the risk of fire.

Which electrical works can I do myself and which should be left to a professional?

At home, you can do simpler electrical works yourself, such as replacing light fixtures or installing an outlet. More complex works should be entrusted to a trained and experienced electrician who knows the hazards and the right techniques.

A lot can go wrong if you do not have electrical knowledge. For example, electrical wiring may be incorrectly sized or poorly connected. Other mistakes people make are failing to take into account capacities and voltage, installing the wrong protective devices, choosing inappropriate electrical appliances and wiring, and not following safety requirements.

Remember! When doing minor electrical works, switch off the power from the switchboard.

Electricians of Eesti Energia are highly experienced specialists in their field. Every electrician corresponds to the appropriate competence class or works under the supervision of a person in the appropriate class. We are available all over Estonia, for both smaller and larger electrical works, such as:

  • replacement and installation of electrical outlets and switches;
  • replacement and installation of light fixtures;
  • replacement of in-floor heating thermostats;
  • connection of a larger electrical appliance, eg an electric cooker, to the grid;
  • minor works on the switchboard;
  • renovation, design, construction and installation of the electrical system;
  • upgrade of indoor and outdoor lighting.

Minor works are usually completed within one to two weeks. Urgent works are carried out within one working day, if possible. The completion time of large-scale electrical works depends on the complexity and nature of the work.

All electrical works come with a two-year warranty. So there is no need to worry – if you have questions, we are here for you today and in the future.

Find out more about the electrical works we offer on our website. Once you find a suitable solution, fill in the order form in the self-service and we will contact you shortly.

Insurance provides peace of mind

Another way to protect your real estate and electrical appliances is to insure them. It is especially worth considering insurance, if:

  • you have expensive electrical appliances at home that are sensitive to power surges (eg a heat pump, router, TV or set-top box);
  • you live in an area frequently affected by storms and thunder;
  • your home electrical system is outdated and you want to mitigate the related risks.

Eesti Energia offers their customers three insurance solutions.

Electrical Appliances Plus insurance covers the sudden and unexpected failure of electrical appliances due to an external event (eg lightning, short circuit, overload). The insurance also covers the electrician call-out costs and the repair cost of your home electrical system (wiring, outlets, switchboards etc).

Fire insurance protects your apartment or house and their essential parts that have been partially or fully damaged by fire. This includes, for example, the main structures of the building, built-in furniture, sanitary ware, heating and gas installations, electrical, security, communications and sound systems, and fireplaces.

Electrical Appliances and Fire insurance combines the two insurance solutions. This means that both the unexpected damage to your electrical appliances or systems and fire damage to your home are covered.

The terms of all three insurance policies are simple, explicit and set by us. All you have to do is choose a suitable package. You can pay for the desired policy as an addition to your home insurance or separately. In addition to peace of mind, you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • A low monthly fee.
  • Paying both electricity and insurance with a single invoice.
  • A quick compensation process. For example, the initial compensation in the case of Fire insurance is paid within three working days.
  • You can use the insurance even in your non-permanent residence.

Signing up is easy and takes a few minutes. Once you have chosen your package, fill in the order form in our self-service. The insurance coverage will take effect immediately after the order form has been confirmed. You can make changes to the package at any time.

Choose insurance

The insurance solution of Eesti Energia consists of contracts concluded between Eesti Energia and If P&C Insurance AS (electrical appliances insurance) and the Estonian branch of AAS BTA Baltic Insurance Company (fire insurance), in which Eesti Energia is the policyholder and the insured person is the customer of an electricity or gas contract of Eesti Energia.