Worried about high electricity bills? The following solutions can help you


Cold weather often leads to a bad surprise in the form of high electricity bills. If you want to take action now to save energy costs at home, there are several good solutions.


The biggest potential for saving lies in heating. If you are one of those who grabs a cheap oil radiator or electric fan heater when the weather gets cold, then know that although the appliances themselves are cheap, their energy consumption is often quite high.

A much more economical solution than electric heating is a heat pump. The heat pump is a popular heating system that is both energy-efficient and wallet-friendly in its operation. An air-to-air or air-to-water heat pump uses on average 2-3 times less electricity than electric heating.

The initial investment in a heat pump may be higher, but as electricity bills will be significantly lower in future, the decision will pay off quite quickly.

For qualified technicians, the installation of a heat pump only takes one or two days. A heat pump is suitable for private houses of all sizes, apartment buildings, twin-houses, as well as office and industrial buildings. The in-house heating system can be formed of underfloor heating or radiators, and the heat pump can also be used to produce daily domestic hot water.

It depends on your needs, which pump type you should choose. If you want to warm up a specific room, a small apartment or support an existing heating system during cold periods, an air source heat pump will be the best.

If you need a complete heating solution for a new house or you want to replace the existing heating solution in full, an air-to-water or ground source heat pump will be more suitable. The latter two make it possible to heat household water and are an ideal solution for basic heating in larger households.

Halve your electricity bill with solar panels

Producing own solar energy is not just a new hot trend but a clearly profitable investment in the long run, increasing the market value of the building. To date, the cost of building a solar power plant has decreased, while the efficiency and durability of the systems have increased.

By consuming your own produced electricity, expensive network electricity, which includes network charges, excise duties and taxes, is left unpurchased. Installing solar panels is one of the easiest ways to start producing your own green electricity.

In general, it is possible to halve electricity bills with solar panels, and decrease them even by 70% with an innovative battery solution. Battery prices have fallen steadily, thus making storage more affordable.

If the stock exchange price of electricity remains at a high level similar to the current one, then the payback period for a small house solution may be almost half as short as initially expected on the basis of the electricity prices of previous years. The installation of solar panels not only protects against the rising prices of electricity, but makes owners happy to earn revenue by selling to the network.

Autumn is a good time to start planning a solar power plant, because then the solar park will be ready by spring and almost all of next year's solar power output will be received.

You do not need to make a deposit immediately

Interest in solar energy and heat pumps has been growing, but many people don’t have the large initial deposit to make the final purchase decision.

Eesti Energia provides a possibility to pay in installments, if you are interested. This way, you can start saving on your electricity bills right away, without having to raise a large amount of money and put it in an investment. It is possible to choose a zero deposit, there are no contract fees, administration fees, and if desired, the balance can be returned early. However, the benefits of energy savings will be immediately visible on your electricity bill.

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