Considering upgrading your heating system? Advice on when the investment will pay off


When the weather is cold and your home suddenly needs extra heating, the easiest choice is often made: go to the nearest construction store and buy a cheap electric fan blower or radiator. This may solve one problem for a short period, but it will lead to another: high electricity bills.

A much more economical solution than an old oil radiator or electric fan heater is an air source heat pump, for example, which takes only a day or two to install. The initial investment of a heat pump may be ten times higher - almost a thousand euros - but since electricity bills will be significantly lower in future, the investment is going to pay off quite quickly.

Let's talk about numbers - how much can be saved?

Compared to electric heating, the heat pump is many times more economical. An air-to-air or air-to-water heat pump uses on average 2-3 times less electricity than electric heating. This means that if electric heating cost you 70 euros a month, the heating bill with an air source heat pump would decrease to 20-30 euros, bringing annual savings of 480-600 euros.


If the unit is well sustained and regularly maintained, the average life of a heat pump will be 15 years. The investment of buying a heat pump will pay off in two or three years, and worry-free home heating will be guaranteed for the following dozen years.

Other strengths of the heat pump

When choosing a heating system, it is worth considering factors other than money. Ease of use, installation speed, as well as time required for heating and maintenance are also important aspects. In many ways, the heat pump precedes other choices.

Unlike the building of underfloor heating or boiler systems, installation is fast and does not require major construction work. Compared to wood-fired heating, there is no need to worry about firewood, smoke, ash and fire hazards, and your home can be warmed up with just one push of a button.

How to find the best solution for your home?

The exact payback period and the size of the investment depend on the specifics of a particular customer. You will get the most suitable solution and accurate assessment for your home by asking for an offer from the experts of the field.

The experienced specialists from Eesti Energia will help you choose whether an air-to-air, air-to-water or ground source heat pump is best for you, give advice on different models and professionally perform the entire installation. In addition, we will make you a good offer for a suitable electricity package and give you advice on state subsidies.

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