Are you moving? Here are tips on how to manage your contracts


Congratulations on your new home! You must be excited, but don't forget that there are many different things to do with moving. In order to make your life a little easier, we will share guidelines on what tasks you need to keep in mind.

Moving out?

Firstly, end your network contract. You can terminate the network contract with 30 days' notice at your network operator. As a customer of the Elektrilevi network area, you can terminate the network contract in the Elektrilevi e-service.

Upon termination of the network contract, the electricity contract also automatically terminates. You do not need to contact us separately to terminate the electricity contract.

If you have indicated that you want to terminate the network contract, the next resident can start signing their network contract. If a new contract is not signed within 30 days of the request to terminate the old contract, the power will be switched off at the point of consumption.

Moving in?

You need to sign a network contract first. A network contract is required for the daily supply of electricity to the place of consumption. The network contract stipulates the conditions for the supply of electricity, the price package for the network service and contact details for the transmission of information, such as notifications of scheduled interruptions.

You need to enter into a network contract with the network operator in whose area the consumption point is located. As a customer of the Elektrilevi network area, you can enter into a network agreement in the Elektrilevi e-service.

On the same day that you sign the network contract, we recommend that you also sign the electricity contract - so both contracts will take effect at the same time.

You can easily sign a suitable electricity contract with Eesti Energia in our e-service. We will make you a personal offer based on your current electricity consumption.

Sign an electricity contract in e-service.


What happens if the electricity seller is not selected?

If you have a valid network contract but have not entered into an electricity contract with any electricity seller, you will automatically switch to universal service. Universal service means that you can consume electricity without an electricity contract, but the price of electricity is set independently of you. The price is affected by the consumption of all customers in the universal service and a margin determined in advance by the Competition Authority is added to the price.

If you want to stop using the universal service, all you have to do is enter into an electricity contract with a suitable electricity seller.

An apartment association is using joint purchase - what does it mean?

Joint purchasing means that the payment of network and electricity bills is arranged by the cooperative, the owner or the administrator. In this case, the owners or tenants of the apartments are sub-consumers who cannot choose or change the electricity seller. If your apartment association buys electricity as a joint purchase, you do not need to enter into a separate network or electricity contract.

The members of the cooperative can influence the choice of the electricity seller at the general meeting of the cooperative.

Make sure your new home is safe

When buying a new home, the maintenance of the electrical system is often not thoroughly checked. However, a number of hazards may lurk in the wiring, such as improper modifications and additions, damaged wiring, inadequate grounding, or improper protective applications.

If you already have the keys, you should definitely do a more thorough inspection of the electrical system to ensure your safety. Eesti Energia's electricians can help with both larger and smaller electrical works. For example, you can order the installation and replacement of sockets, switches, power cords, cables, lighting, etc. from us. We also connect electrical equipment to the electricity grid and can help if you need advice on any electricity issues.