How to choose a gas boiler?


Although a few golden rules can be relied upon when choosing a gas boiler, it is worth talking to a specialist before making a purchase. Moreover, the boiler that is already installed must be regularly serviced to ensure its longest possible service life.

The most important criterion when choosing a gas boiler is the size of the building heated with the boiler and its heat retention. Forced ventilation also plays a role. The golden rule is: 50 W of heating power is needed per square meter. A simple calculation shows that heating power of about 10 kW is therefore needed to heat a house of about 200 square meters. In addition, the power required for water heating and forced ventilation must also be considered. Taking all these factors in account, a 26 kW gas boiler is sufficient for such a house. When using underfloor heating instead of radiators, the power requirement is slightly lower.

When installing a gas boiler, applicable regulations must be observed. One of the most important ones is the requirement to install a unit over 36 kW in a separate fire-proof room. As low-power units are usually used in private houses and terraced houses, they can be installed in any room inside the building, although they are usually located in the utility room.

Safe to use, but needs regular maintenance

Every gas boiler must be regularly serviced as this will ensure a longer service life of the unit; maintenance should be carried out once a year. To do this, you should definitely call a specialist who can prove their skills with certificates. It is not advisable to perform the maintenance of the gas boiler yourself, because there are certain maintenance rules and unskilled maintenance may actually damage the boiler.

Usually, people tend to think about maintenance at the start of the heating season, but in fact, this is the worst time, because then there may be long waiting times due to soaring demand. In terms of the device itself, there is no difference when the maintenance is performed. It is therefore wiser to contact a service company, for example, at the end of the heating season.

A well-maintained boiler will last a long time

Modern gas boilers are safe, and there is not much risk in case of proper installation and use. In terms of risk, more attention must be paid to the pipeline through which gas enters the boiler. Once the gas has successfully reached the boiler, automation will take care of the rest. Modern units are equipped with sensors that regulate the entire boiler operation. If even one of the sensors sends an error message, the gas supply is immediately closed. This eliminates the risk of explosion.

The service life of a properly maintained gas boiler is about 15 years. And if your gas boiler needs to be replaced, it is not complicated. The new models take into account the connection distances so that they also fit with the old pipelines. If no other work is needed on the heating system, the boiler can be replaced in 2-3 hours.


Eesti Energia also offers gas

When ordering an annual gas boiler maintenance, it is wise to review last year's consumption and make sure that the package you are using is still the most affordable one. If consumption is high, a small price difference means a significant difference in terms of expenses. The opening up of the gas market allows you to buy gas from a partner whose offer meets your needs, so it is worthwhile to review offers from different gas suppliers during this period.Contact Eesti Energia for an offer.

Things to keep in mind when choosing and servicing a gas boiler:

  • The golden rule – 50 W of heating power per square meter
  • If possible, install the boiler in a separate technical room
  • Service once a year
  • Always seek the help of professionals