A mobile app showing energy consumption: what are the benefits?


Surveys show that an average smartphone owner uses around 9 mobile apps a day or about 30 apps a month. Nowadays, the world of applications is enormous, and there have been rapid developments in applications that help keep an eye on the household. One such application is Eesti Energia's mobile app for tracking energy consumption – the best domestic application for saving money.

After installing the app from Google Play or AppStore to your phone and logging in, Eesti Energia's customers will have access to their invoices, contract, consumption history and other features.

No accessories or gadgets need to be placed in the electrical cabinet or sockets to see consumption history – hourly consumption data can be displayed thanks to the remote reading meters already in use for measuring the amount of energy consumed by Estonian households.


Countless uses

Fans of the Eesti Energia app have found many different ways to benefit from the use of the app.

For example, by analysing their consumption, some customers have discovered how much their power consumption has decreased since the introduction of LED bulbs or A+++ energy labelled household appliances. Some diligent small business owners monitor the energy consumption of their business, shop or cafeteria in addition to their home consumption and thus keep track of their current month's expenses and make smarter decisions that reduce their monthly electricity bill.

Since the app also shows current electricity exchange prices, many customers who have the exchange package use this information to schedule their home appliances (washing machine, boiler, electric heater) to work during the most affordable hours. By tracking both electricity costs and prices, the app user automatically begins to look for consumption planning options – it’s almost like a game. Moreover, the larger the household and the house, the more tangible the results of a sustainable consumption mindset are.