The Enefit Smart Club event motivates scholarship recipients to learn more

At the beginning of June, the Enefit Smart Club event took place. It was intended for our scholarship recipients and graduates, focusing on acknowledging their self-development efforts. We encourage the pursuit of new knowledge and wish to show appreciation to the ambitious individuals currently engaged in formal education.

At the Enefit Smart Club event, the speakers talked about the importance of learning in a rapidly changing world, as well as how to maintain a healthy brain and facilitate absorbing new knowledge.

Our scholarship students, Elys-Anette and Elisabet, who study environmental energy and chemical engineering at TalTech, found the Enefit Smart Club event very motivating and suggested that more such events should be organised for students who have not been selected as scholarship recipients.

‘So that students can get a glimpse of future trends and hear the experiences of people who have worked for a long time in the same field we are studying. This would show us what to strive for,’ Elisabet said.

‘Events like these really motivate me to learn more. I loved the lecture by psychologist Khris-Marii; it was very interesting. It was also really cool to hear the last panel discussion where participants talked about their achievements. It made me feel that I needn’t worry so much, especially after hearing what these people had been through. Even if I don’t yet know exactly what I want to do in the future, I still have time to think about it,’ Elys-Anette shared her experience.

Andrus Durejko, Chairman of the Management Board, spoke about Eesti Energia Group and our challenges in the energy sector. He also encouraged constant learning.

‘Learning how to learn is important; in other words, the ability to learn. You also have to consider what to study in depth and what to explore more broadly,’ Andrus said.

Our lead strategy consultant and AI enthusiast Gerlyn Tiigemäe elaborated on AI and its applications. Khris-Marii Palksaar, Organisational Development Consultant and psychologist at Miltton, talked about goal-setting using the Ikigai philosophy and method, which originates in Japanese culture. She also provided guidelines on how to maintain brain health and learn throughout life.

In a panel discussion, Head of the Department of Digitalisation of Central Services Sigrid Arumäe, E-Mobility Network Growth Manager Ruth Simpson and Business Development Project Manager Aleks Tabo shared their career experiences.

The panel discussion brought out important personal qualities and ways of thinking. Sigrid pointed out that taking up employment is a two-sided decision – something that should not be forgotten, as we often see ourselves in the passive role as the object of selection. Curiosity and willingness to ask the ‘why’ questions are also important in her opinion. According to Ruth, the main keywords are perseverance, courage and initiative, and a ‘don’t give up’ attitude. Aleks considered discipline fundamental, as it helps to perform the not-so-pleasant tasks that inevitably come up.

Recommendations of the panel participants for students – and why not everyone else:

Ruth: ‘First, find yourself a hobby that you do regularly – something that helps you balance work and private life. Second, lifelong learning. It’s a whole different thing to learn when you already have work experience.’

Sigrid: ‘My advice is cooperation. If you feel the urge to react immediately, sleep on it if possible and reply the next day. Also, if you are struggling to choose between different options, then in your heart you actually know what the right choice is.’

Aleks: ‘Anything you’re afraid of – those are precisely the things you should do. If you fail, try again and explore your potential.’

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