Enefit to deliver energy for a confectionery directly from a solar park

Enefit concluded a three-party contract with the Better Energy solar park and Toms chocolate factory in Poland to deliver green energy from the solar park directly to the production plant. This model secures future cash flow for the green producer and helps consumers to implement their ESG strategy and directly reduce their carbon footprint.


A regular electricity purchasing process prescribes that the electricity supplier purchases the required amount of electricity from energy markets and resells it to customers – there are many more non-personalised parties in this process than in the recently concluded contract. A three-party power purchase agreement (cPPA) will bring together an electricity producer, seller and consumer who know each other. According to this cooperation model, Enefit sells the green energy produced in Better Energy solar power plants directly to the company that produces chocolate and confectionery products.

Sander Randver , the Head of Energy Products in Enefit, says that Enefit connects the energy park producing clean energy and a large consumer who wants to purchase energy that is produced from renewable sources directly from the producer and without market mediation. ‘Enefit delivers the electricity produced in Better Energy solar park to Toms Group and supplies the additional amounts necessary to operate the production facilities located in Nowa Sól and Leszno. The lack of a market component allows Enefit and Better Energy to offer a lower and more flexible electricity price,’ he adds.

The aim of the cooperation between the companies is to promote the transition to renewable energy sources. ‘This is the first three-party corporate power purchase agreement in Enefit’s portfolio, but we have the desire and readiness to develop this kind of business model in the Baltics as well,’ claims Randver. ‘It is an important step in transforming the market, aimed at large industrial consumers as well as medium and small businesses.’

Better Energy and Toms Group announced the procurement of their electricity purchase and sale contract in February 2023. In 2024, Enefit was chosen as the supplier.

Enefit is a subsidiary of Eesti Energia, which from 1 January 2024 is the provider of the energy products and services previously provided by Eesti Energia: electricity and gas, solar and storage solutions, household and public electric car charging solutions of Enefit Volt, insurance, high-speed internet, electrical work and heating solutions. As of 2024, all Eesti Energia customers are Enefit customers.