Enefit’s new range of packages allows for accurate forecasting of electricity bills

From the new year, all Eesti Energia energy products and services are provided by its subsidiary Enefit, which now displays the prices of electricity packages in more detail. The new solution allows customers to conveniently compare the monthly prices of various packages based on their electricity consumption.

Recent electricity price records caused many families concern about their electricity package. Usually, electricity suppliers display the price per kWh and the monthly fee, which does not provide a clear indication of how much their monthly electricity bill will be.

Enefit has created a solution that allows customers to forecast their monthly electricity costs based on their consumption, thus helping customers make the best choice between the packages.

According to Deepak Ahluwalia, Member of the Management Board of Enefit, the new package display is a result of extensive development aimed at making the lives of customers easier. The new solution meets a wide range of customer requests.

‘To a large extent, people’s monthly expenses depend on their electricity package, which is why the choice should be made wisely and keeping in mind the actual cost, so that there are no unpleasant surprises on the invoice,’ Ahluwalia said. ‘Enefit developed new package display solution in collaboration with customers, involving them in various stages and tests, so I am confident that the new, simpler and more customer-oriented solution will help people make better choices.’

All of Enefit's fixed and exchange packages are now also available with 100% renewable energy and at a reasonable price, meeting the expectations of our customers. In addition, you can opt for a single or dual-tariff package. This means your daytime and night-time electricity prices are different, which allows you to schedule your consumption for a more affordable time and save on costs.

‘Customers care more and more about eco-friendly and sustainable consumption,’ Ahluwalia said, ‘that's why, as their partner on the green journey, we want to offer them a wider range of green electricity packages. By choosing a green package, customers contribute to a cleaner future, as their electricity is based 100% on renewable sources and, in the long term, it will allow us to bring more green energy to the market. In addition, the new package display illustrates that green electricity packages are not significantly more expensive than regular ones.’

Electricity packages can be viewed on Enefit’s website without signing in to the e-service, and you can manually enter your monthly consumption. Customers who wish to automatically use precise consumption data should sign in to the e-service. Those who are not Enefit customers can give Enefit access to their consumption data on Elering’s website to see their monthly electricity forecasted cost in our e-service. Be aware that the displayed cost does not include network charges, a renewable energy fee, and electricity excise tax.

Enefit is a subsidiary of Eesti Energia, which from 1 January 2024 is the provider of the energy products and services previously provided by Eesti Energia: electricity, gas, solar and storage solutions, household and public electric car charging solutions, insurance, electrical work and heating solutions. As of 2024, all Eesti Energia customers are Enefit customers.