Elektrilevi’s electrical network of the future will be maintained by more than 700 experts

Elektrilevi is restructuring the organisation to better meet customer expectations and the needs arising from the green transition and climate change. 2024 marks the beginning of Elektrilevi’s efforts to increase its internal capabilitiesin order to provide the best service possible for more than half a million network service customers. The Management Board of Elektrilevi will continue with five members: Mihkel Härm, Kristi Ojakäär, Rasmus Armas, Rudolf Penu, Ardi Ratassepp.

Elektrilevi’s Supervisory Board approved an action plan with a view towards creating a more client-centric company and ensuring the quality and growth of its utility services. To this end, the contracts of the Management Board and its Chairman were also extended for the next three years. From the first day of 2024, all supporting functions related to the management and administration of the electrical network will be included in Elektrilevi’s structure, alongside operational management and customer service. Until now, these services have been provided by Eesti Energia and their subsidiary, Enefit Connect. As part of the changes, the relevant units will be transferred to Elektrilevi. This change brings nearly a thousand people together under the company’s employ.

‘Elektrilevi is Estonia’s largest network operator, providing electricity to almost all homes and businesses in the country. Being the provider of a vital service, Elektrilevi’s activities impact the lives of most Estonians. Therefore, it is crucial that all support functions for strategically important activities are provided within this company, rather than being outsourced,’ noted head of Eesti Energia Group, Andrus Durejko. ‘As an independent network operator with its own Management and Supervisory Boards, Elektrilevi will also be joining the Eesti Energia Group,’ Durejko added.

‘Elektrilevi’s Management Board, in collaboration with the Supervisory Board and the owner, is continuously seeking effective solutions for providing the best network service. We have analysed Elektrilevi’s activities and efficiency, including customer satisfaction, for the past two and a half years. Our analysis showed that the change implemented two and a half years ago with the hope of synergy and efficiency has not fully borne fruit. The strategic directions of Elektrilevi and Enefit Connect are too different for synergy to be possible, and since the change did not bring the expected cost savings, it was decided to bring almost all support functions back into Elektrilevi,’ explained the Chairman of Elektrilevi’s Board, Mihkel Härm. ‘We believe that this change will further enhance the quality of the network service. For the next three years, we will focus on finding other cost-effective alternatives to infrastructure investments that would help us reach a new level in customer experience and service quality. For this purpose, we are establishing areas of responsibility within the Board that are specifically focused on these objectives.’

Eesti Energia Group continues to work strongly alongside Enefit Connect, Enefit Green, Elektrilevi, Enefit Power, Narva Soojusvõrk, and Enefit Solutions, offering customer-friendly and convenient energy solutions.