Eesti Energia lowers prices for more than 91,000 Exchange package customers

Over the summer, Eesti Energia will harmonise the prices of its Exchange electricity package, which will mean lower electricity prices for more than 91,000 customers from 1 July.

According to Roul Tutt, Sales Director of Eesti Energia home markets, Eesti Energia always lowers the margin on the Exchange package as soon as possible.

The last time this was done was in March, when more than 7600 customers saw their prices fall. This positive price change will now be made available to customers as early as possible, therefore the reduced price will apply from the beginning of July.

‘Eesti Energia would like to be a long-term, transparent and reliable energy partner for its customers, offering high-quality services and reasonably priced electricity. That is why we are making a uniform pricing of the Exchange package, which will lead to a price reduction for tens of thousands of customers,’ said Tutt. ‘On the one hand, the price reduction is possible due to the stabilisation of the energy market, but at the same time we are constantly developing our forecasting models, which will also allow us to offer electricity at more favourable prices.’

According to Tutt, it is fair to point out that the harmonisation of the service fee will also affect Exchange package customers whose margin and monthly fee did not increase during the energy crisis last winter. ‘Unfortunately, they will now have to cope with an increase in the service fees. Despite this, the terms and conditions offered by Eesti Energia still remain among the best on the market,’ added Tutt, who says that there are about 11,000 such customers. For them, the package service fee will change from 1 August.

The Exchange electricity package is particularly suitable for customers who want to manage their own electricity consumption and thereby reduce both their household energy consumption and their electricity bill.

After the harmonisation of prices, the Exchange package margin of Eesti Energia will remain the best on the market at 0.44 cents/kWh. The monthly package fee is €1.99.

If you have any questions or would like more information, Eesti Energia recommends that you contact the company's customer service at 777 4040 or write to . All customers will see the update.