Enefit Volt to replace many old Elmo chargers with newer models

Over the next two years Enefit VOLT, the owner of Estonia’s largest electric car charging network, aims to increase the accessibility of electric car charging in both urban and rural areas by replacing two-thirds of the chargers that were previously part of the Elmo network, making them suitable for all electric cars.

By the end of next year, Enefit Volt plans to upgrade 79 public charging points, creating charging opportunities for 260 vehicles. This improves access to public charging in the commuter areas of Tallinn and Tartu, as well as in other regional population centres. The first set of new chargers will already be installed before summer.


According to Kert Pääbo, Enefit Volt’s Business Development Manager, the company aims to establish a high-quality, accessible and fast electric car charging network that covers the whole of Estonia to create the conditions for the breakthrough of clean transport.

"The replacement of the chargers that were previously in the Elmo network is an important part of Enefit Volt’s effort to address customer concerns regarding charging in the commuter areas of large cities as well as in rural areas," Pääbo explained. "Although the state did a very good job of installing chargers a dozen years ago, it is now time to improve charging quality and make fast charging accessible to all electric car users regardless of their vehicle type."

While the chargers in the Elmo network only allowed for fast charging of electric cars using the Japanese CHAdeMO charging standard, in recent years the European CCS charging standard has become dominant. After the wave of updates by Enefit Volt, the number of chargers compatible with these vehicles will increase fivefold.

In the commuter areas of Tallinn, a total of 20 charging points will be upgraded, which will allow for 40 vehicles to be charged simultaneously. In addition to Tallinn and Tartu, ultra-fast charging will also be available in Pärnu, Haapsalu, Rakvere, Narva, Viljandi and Virtsu, allowing for electric vehicle drivers to add 100 km of range in less than 10 minutes, depending on the specific vehicle.

"Since its inception, Enefit Volt has been committed to making electric vehicle charging accessible also in regional population centres and along major routes. Preparations for installing new chargers are already underway and we expect to share the first news very soon. You can find the charger nearest you in the Enefit Volt app or on our website," Pääbo added.

By the end of next year, new fast chargers will be installed in many locations across Estonia including, for example, Kohtla-Järve, Virtsu, Kunda, Karski-Nuia, Valga, Orissaare, Jõgeva, Lihula, Padise, Türi, Märjamaa, Räpina, Kuivastu, Viitna, Kohila and Paide.