Enefit Volt to expand the public charging network from Estonia to Poland

Enefit Volt will start the construction of a charging network covering Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland in order to eliminate the main obstacle to clean transport, i.e poor infrastructure.

Over the next two years, Enefit Volt plans to install more than 1,000 new public chargers for electric cars across four countries, which will make them one of the largest charging service providers.

According to Kert Pääbo , the Business Development Manager of Enefit Volt, surveys and customer feedback show that the lack of public charging stations is a bigger problem for people than car prices, because the costs of owning an electric car vs a car with a combustion engine are converging.

‘Clean transport will only be possible if there are charging stations suitable for all electric cars, the service is easy and convenient to use, and people can choose between chargers of different speeds,’ said Pääbo. ‘Enefit Volt aims to develop the public charging network based on these principles, offering its customers an equally high-quality service in four countries.’

The Enefit Volt network currently includes nearly 200 chargers, and the number will grow significantly in the coming years. Depending on the location, chargers with a capacity of 22 kW to 600 kW will be added to the network, which will provide electric car users with the opportunity to choose the most suitable charging speed when on the road.

‘Cooperation with shopping centres, stores, accommodation establishments and other companies at which people expect chargers, is essential to the development of the network,’ said Pääbo. ‘Very soon, customers will prefer companies that are able to offer fast and convenient charging for electric cars alongside their main business activity.’

Enefit Volt has developed standard packages for partners and is ready to cover a significant portion of the investment to create the charging capability. ‘Every shopping centre, hotel, grocery store, parking garage and any other establishment that hosts people can ensure their readiness for an electric future when working with us’ said Pääbo. ‘I encourage companies to contact us so together we can find the best charging solution for our customers.’

In order to enhance the ease of use of the charging service, all new chargers will have the option of card payment. Customers will also have the option of a one-time payment through a web link, which can be used at existing chargers.

The public charging network of Enefit Volt has been operating since 2020. Compared to the first year of operation, its use has increased by 2.5 times.