Eesti Energia's e-service login methods are changing

We will soon update the methods of entering Eesti Energia's self-service in order to offer customers a safe way to use all of our e-services. In this regard, two methods that have been valid so far – internet bank and reference number – will be removed. We will explain you the reasons behind the change and give advice on what to do to access your account in the future.


Along with the development of technology, many routine tasks such as managing an electricity contract or paying bills have become significantly more convenient for people. While you used to have to go to a service office to sign a contract, now it is possible to do it with just one click using your smartphone or computer.

This is why it is increasingly important that we provide our customers with security and measures that are up-to-date for conducting online actions. Logging in with a reference number does not allow customers to use all of our e-services. You can keep an eye on your consumption and bills, but you cannot perform activities related to contracts. It is also easier for third parties, who should not have access to data related to the energy consumption of strangers, to access reference numbers and personal identification codes.

Similarly, bank links are increasingly losing their popularity, as we can see. No public service provider uses them as an authentication method anymore. For example, only 1% of all users in December entered our self-service environment using their internet bank details or reference number.

Alternative solutions

It is still possible to log in to our e-service using an ID card, Smart-ID or Mobile ID. This requires an ID card reader and/or a valid contract with your bank or telecom service provider.

Very soon, a new, fourth option will be added for the customers of Eesti Energia to log in with a personal identification code and phone number associated with the contract. It is similar to logging in with a reference number and personal identification code, but significantly safer, because after entering the data, a verification code is sent to the phone number to be used for identification.

Help out your loved ones

If your parent, relative or friend still uses a reference number or internet bank to log in to the e-service and does not want to switch to another method, an option is to issue an authorization. This way you can take care of the management of your loved one's bills or contracts without having to redo the network and electricity contracts.

There are two types of authorizations:

  • Full authorization, which gives the recipient the right to manage all matters and contracts related to Eesti Energia and Elektrilevi.
  • Limited authorization, which entitles the recipient to manage a specific point of consumption and organize billing.

An authorization can be issued via self-service, e-mail or by regular mail.

More information about preparing an authorization

We consider it important to stand up for the welfare and safety of our customers. If you have any questions regarding authorizations or other energy-related topics, please contact our customer service at or by phone 777 4040.