Enefit Volt chargers will be offered by Nissan

Nissan and Enefit Volt have signed a long-term cooperation agreement covering all the Baltic States, with which Enefit Volt will be offering chargers, their installation and after-sales service to buyers of Nissan electric cars.

The collaboration, launched in January, includes training for Nissan dealers to broaden the spread of the knowledge on electric transportation among both private and business customers so they can make smarter and more future-proof choices.


Margus Mikk, CEO of Nissan Nordic Europe, importer of Nissans to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, states that the company has a definite direction towards a sustainable future and to strengthen its position in the European market with a series of new electrified vehicles.

"Nissan builds on its electric expertise and strengthens the transition to electrified mobility with the brand's most exciting and comprehensive model range to date," Mikk said. "Following the decision not to invest in passenger cars for the Euro 7 emission standard, Nissan will not sell any passenger cars equipped only with an internal combustion engine in Europe from 2023. Nissan is taking bold steps to bring mobility into a new era and predicts that electric cars will account for 75% of sales by 2026, with the goal of reaching 100% by the end of the decade. It is important that we have a partner as reliable as Enefit Volt to offer charging solutions to our customers."

According to Margus Vals, Member of the Management Board of Eesti Energia, the cooperation that has started allows to offer peace of mind to electric car buyers, because all issues related to charging will be solved by Enefit Volt with no additional effort.

"The goal of Enefit Volt is to provide simple, convenient and smart electric car charging solutions at home, at work and on the road in all Baltic countries, and to be a long-term reliable partner for electric car users," Vals said. "Nissan has led the electric car revolution for more than ten years, setting very high goals for the coming years. I am glad that we have launched a long-term strategic cooperation to offer customers the best solutions for the breakthrough of carbon-neutral transport."

Vals points out that the smart energy solutions being developed by Eesti Energia already allow customers to reduce their electricity bills and earn additional income by using a home storage solution. Smart energy services will become even more important in the coming years with the share of renewable energy in electricity consumption increasing significantly.

"Thanks to smart energy solutions, electric cars will become an integral part of the electrical system, helping to ensure its reliability and energy security while generating income for vehicle owners," Vals stated.

Nissan was the best-selling electric car brand in the Baltics in 2022. Nearly 500 new 100% electric Nissans were purchased in the Baltics in 2022. The world's first mass-market electric car, the Leaf, started a revolution and laid the foundation for modern electric vehicles. Since its launch in 2010, more than 600,000 Leafs have been sold worldwide and more than 10 billion zero-emission kilometers have been driven.

The Ariya, which was released last year, marks a new chapter in Nissan's electrification journey by being Nissan's first all-electric coupe crossover. The new Townstar, the next generation of Nissan's all-electric compact utility vehicle, is a reliable, efficient and sustainable business partner optimized to meet the ever-changing needs of customers.

Enefit Volt is one of the largest providers of charging solutions for electric cars in the Baltics, operating in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Enefit Volt's public network includes more than 190 chargers in Estonia.