Eesti Energia's message to large consumers: we will help you fix the electricity price

Eesti Energia confirms that the company offers a fixed price to all customers, including large companies, regardless of their consumption volume, ahead of the difficult winter.

"We increasingly see extreme volatility in the energy markets. When electricity costs are a significant part of business costs, such volatility can call the entire business into question. There are plenty of companies in Estonia that have not mitigated the risk of energy prices in any way and are therefore at the mercy of the markets," board member Agnes Roos explained.

Roos confirms that the company has offered fixed packages until now, and it will offer these packages today and in the future. "The approach is personal and flexible for every major customer. This means that it is also possible to fix part of the consumption, exactly as much as the customer wants. Today, we have to take into account that this fixed price is not as favorable as a year or a half a year ago due to the energy crisis, but it still allows us to offer security to businesses," added Roos.

Today, Eesti Energia's business customers include large consumers from various sectors with fixed prices. "Among our business customers with fixed prices there are meat, dairy and bakery industries, as well as customers from the processing industry and the public sector who have fixed their prices," Roos brought some examples. "Of the large business customers with an annual consumption of over 1,000 MWh, 300 have fixed their prices - their consumption volume is 40% of all business customers."

In addition, Roos confirmed that Eesti Energia's customers can be sure that the price will not change during the contract period when choosing a fixed package. "As a reliable energy partner, we do not take back our promises," said Roos.

According to Roos, the most effective way to save the company's energy costs is to produce it yourself. "Today, it is most advantageous for the company to produce electricity by itself - for example, with the help of solar panels, many are also using this solution," Roos said. Ac] to her, Eesti Energia also offers its customers suitable energy solutions that help save costs and move towards a greener world.