Community lighting solutions are simple, cost-effective and creating a sense of security

At Rako road, Liikva village, Harju County, there is an active association that took the initiative and decided to order street lighting with its own resources. A suitable solution was found in cooperation with Enefit Connect, and 13 LED lamps are showing the light to about thirty families from this spring.

The idea to install lighting came from purely practical considerations: the living environment becomes safer and the value of real estate increases. Aimar Meliste , a member of the board of the association, says that the possibility of full service led their decision in favour of Enefit Connect.

“As the solution was to be installed directly on existing power line poles and the luminaires were to be powered from there, we were able to rule out a complicated and expensive control center option,” Meliste added. This meant that the initial investment was more than twice as low as a luminaire post solution including construction.

A community lighting solution includes the lights, installation, management and energy costs throughout the contract period. Tanel Lillesaar , Product Manager of Lighting Services at Enefit Connect, explained: “In the case of this solution, we are talking about a five-year contract period where the initial investment was made by the association, but we entered into an administrative service contract with the Harku Municipality. Should anything happen to the luminaires during that time, we will fix them at our own expense.”


Rako road lighting solution

According to Erik Sandla , Mayor of Harku, the solution by Enefit Connect is definitely very fast and convenient, and it does not require large initial funding from the association. “The service provider ensures regular inspection and maintenance, thus reducing the burden on both the association and the municipality,” Sandla said.

The association praises the reliability and speed provided by Enefit Connect. “After the decision by the general meeting of the association, it was only a matter of months when our streets were lit. We are very satisfied. The distance between the poles is quite long, but the LED-s have a wide angle – it is nice to look at and the lighting is good,” Aimar Meliste said.