Enefit Volt expanded to Latvia and Lithuania with its smart charging service for electric cars

Enefit Volt, Estonia's largest provider of electric car charging services, started selling smart charging solutions for private and business customers in Latvia and Lithuania.

According to Kert Pääbo, Business Development Manager at Enefit Volt, offering electric car charging solutions to individuals and companies in Latvia and Lithuania is an important step in supporting a clean transport breakthrough.

“Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania face common challenges: emissions from our transport sector are high and the car fleet is outdated, while people's willingness to buy an electric car and help solve these concerns is rather modest,” Pääbo said. “Owning an electric car is reasonable already today, not only in terms of environmental sustainability but also economically, especially together with purchase subsidies. The goal of Enefit Volt with its solutions is to make charging so easy, convenient and accessible that an electric car would not only be considered but the preferred choice when purchasing the next vehicle.”

Enefit Volt in Latvia and Lithuania offers chargers and installation to begin with, constantly adding new solutions to their product portfolio, some of which are already available to Estonian customers, such as full-service charger rental, charging for apartment buildings and the smartphone application. The target, similarly to Estonia, is to be available to customers after the installation of the charger through technical support, charger management, monitoring and maintenance.

“Being part of the group of Eesti Energia, our great goal is to support both individuals and businesses in carrying out the green transition and to be their partner in reducing emissions to zero,” Pääbo added. “Clean transport has a critical role to play in achieving this goal. Studies show that over 80% of all electric car charging takes place at work or at home where the car is parked for longer. That is why we are focusing on these areas in Latvia and Lithuania. I would like to thank all our existing customers who have helped us to develop new services. Every new electric car user motivates us to work even harder.”

Presence in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania enables Enefit Volt to be a partner to numerous companies that operate in all three Baltic countries and provide them with the same quality service on the same basis, regardless of location.

“Over the next four to five years, electric cars will become an integral part not only of transport but also of the power system,” Pääbo added. “Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will join the Central European energy system in 2025, which means that we will have sole responsibility for stabilizing the Baltic power network. Electric cars, whose batteries can be used to stabilize the network through two-way charging and thus generate additional income for car owners, will also play an important role in this. We are working to serve these solutions to our customers soon.”

Enefit Volt's next step in Estonia is to offer charging solutions for apartment buildings so that smart and convenient charging become easily available to the residents of apartment buildings as well. In addition to private and business customer solutions, Enefit Volt operates Estonia's largest public charging network with nearly 190 chargers.