Over 26,000 addresses across Estonia have the opportunity to connect to Enefit's high-speed Internet Network

The possibility of connecting to Enefit's high-speed Internet network provided by Eesti Energia has already been made available to almost 26,500 addresses across Estonia, and by the end of the year, it is planned to reach 40,000 consumers. Connecting to the high-speed and weatherproof fixed connection requires a relatively low financial contribution by customers, as the state and Eesti Energia cover nearly 85% of the construction of the infrastructure.


The construction of Enefit's high-speed Internet network currently includes 158 project areas in 13 Estonian counties where a network based on fibre optics is being developed. However, the activity of people connecting to the network has been low so far – only 25% of all potential customers have used the opportunity.

Oliver Ruus, Head of Communications Services at Enefit Connect, the subsidiary of Eesti Energia building the Enefit high-speed Internet network, believes that the low interest in subscriptions is probably due to the fact that many consumers do not perceive the benefits of a high-speed fixed connection.

"Your existing over-the-air Internet package may satisfy your current needs, but it is worth thinking about your future needs as well (high-quality TV packages, streaming possibilities, cloud solutions for online work, etc.). Only fiber optic cable can provide a high-speed fixed connection (with no significant difference in download and upload speeds), and it is weatherproof. This ensures that large-scale future services will run smoothly and your fixed Internet connection is uninterrupted,” Ruus emphasizes.

Ruus adds that it is good to connect soon in order to ensure an affordable own contribution - if the current opportunity supported by the state is missed, connecting may cost several times more in the future. "We are developing a high-speed Internet network with the support of the state, and the investment for one address is approximately 1,500–2,000 euros. Of this, only 199–249 euros is the customer's own contribution. We contribute for the rest together with the state," Ruus explains.

Enefit's high-speed Internet network is operator-neutral, so each subscriber can select the most suitable service provider. Enefit cooperates with all major operators to maximize the possibility of uninterrupted fixed Internet connection reaching as many people as possible. "For example, Tele2 offers a free 30-day trial period in June to all addresses for which we have built a network but who have not yet connected," Oliver Ruus comments.

High-speed Internet, or a broadband connection, is a fundamental pillar of modern e-government services. In order to spread widely, the state has organized the delivery of a fiber-optic network to areas where telecommunications operators would not otherwise establish a fixed connection. Enefit Connect is one of the partners to the state in building a high-speed Internet network.

Everyone can check on the website of Eesti Energia ( whether their address is included in the development area of Enefit's high-speed data communications network or its future construction plans. If yours isn't included at the moment, you can submit a request. This will help Enefit Connect to map regional interest so that it can be taken into account in future development plans.

Enefit Connect, a subsidiary of Eesti Energia, manages various power networks and a great share of Estonia’s street lighting network, develops a high-speed Internet network and a modern electric car charging network, and provides new energy solutions based on modern technology.